More of the Whitney Avalon Show!

Had a rough day yesterday.  Everything that could go wrong … did go wrong.  I need something to make me smile.

Wait.  YouTube message.  My friend, actress / singer / comedienne Whitney Avalon has made another YouTube video?

Damn I gotta check it out.

This new song, “You’re Not Fooling Anyone,” features Whitney as a 1980’s-era anchorwoman, as she discusses and dispels the faux etiquette of fine print, road merging and other conversation topics.

And it’s pretty damn funny.

Take a listen.

Of late, Whitney’s been on a roll.  In addition to these comic videos, she’s also the creator of the wildly successful Princess Rap Battle videos, a take on the Epic Rap Battles of History franchise that features the less savory side of castle dwelling ingenues.  I should note that there’s some explicit language and suggestions in the Princess Rap Battle tracks, but I should also note that Whitney brings in some top talent as co-stars in these rap battles.  Example – this one between Cinderella and Belle, featuring Sarah Michelle Gellar as the glass-shoe-wearing princess.

That being said, Whitney also has some amazing vocal chops.  Here she is with vocalist Peter Hollens in an epic eight-song medley of the best and cruelest songs from the past 30 years of Disney movie villainry.

Of course, there’s another way you might know Whitney Avalon.  A few years ago, she appeared in a commercial for Cheerios – the same commercial that received a ton of attention in that it showed an interracial marriage with a biracial child.  I don’t see what’s controversial about this, but a lot of people at the time lost their proverbial minds over it.

And of course, there was a sequel to this Cheerios commercial, and it appeared during the Super Bowl.  How cool is this.  My friend Whitney Avalon made it to the Super Bowl.  And she didn’t have to throw interceptions that turned into Pick-Sixes to get there!

So what I’m saying is … if you want to watch more Whitney Avalon YouTube videos, or even support the production of a new video or three, hop over to and check out her catalog.  You can also pay a visit over to Whitney’s YouTube channel for more funny and amazing video clips and short movies.

Hey, if Whitney could put a big smile on my face with one of her music videos after the bummer day I had yesterday … then certainly she can put a smile on yours.