Week 6 of the Trivia Unification Tournament

Okay, I’m ready for Wednesday’s trivia event.  I’m going to arrive in plenty of time, I’m going to get some food to eat when I’m playing, and I’m planning on running the table.

Got to Rivers Casino in plenty of time.

Ordered some food.

And when I arrived at the Van Slyck Restaurant, home of the Wednesday night trivia game hosted by Damon…

It wasn’t hosted by Damon this week.

And for me, that’s not good.

See, when I’ve played trivia at Rivers Casino, if Damon is hosting, I seem to finish in the money more times than not.  In fact, three of the last four weeks I’ve finished in the top three, including two first-place $100 finishing nights.

But if Damon’s using a substitute host … I don’t win.

And there’s a new substitute host tonight.

Never mind that, Chuck.  Think positive.  He’s only a trivia host.

And for the first part of the night, that actually worked.  I went four-for-five on identifying New York skylines, picking out Buffalo, Rochester, Utica and Schenectady – only whiffed on what I thought was Amsterdam, it was actually Binghamton.  Triple Cities native Roger Green’s going to have my ears for that one.

Still, at the half, I had the lead and received a $25 gift card as leader of the night.

During the quick halftime break, I went to the bar to order a diet cola.  As I was placing my order, a man walked up to the bar and handed the bartender a crisp $100 bill.  “There will be nine ladies coming into the casino and drinking at this bar,” he said.  “They will be wearing reindeer antlers.  Do not accept payment for their drinks.  I’ve covered that.”

“Yes sir,” the bartender said, tucking the $100 away.

About ten minutes later – sure enough- several women showed up, looking as if they had just exited an office Christmas party.  And yes, they were wearing headbands with little antlers upon their heads.

Yeah, I know what this guy has planned.  I’m sure later, if he plays his cards right, he’ll be on Dancer, on Prancer, on Vixen …

Oh come on, that was funny.

Anyways, back to the trivia game.  Made it through the rest of the night, was in second place by one point (damn movie round kicked my ass again), and the final category was “The Highest Bid.”

Okay, bet it all.  I gotta break this jinx of substitute hosts keeping me out of the money.

“Selling for over $450 million at auction, which artist now holds the record for the most expensive painting ever sold at auction?”

Of the eleven teams that were at Rivers that night, nine of them sprinted up to the table with the correct answer.

I was not one of those nine.

I knew someone’s painting sold for that kind of money.  But I couldn’t remember the artist.

When in doubt … take a guess.  It’s gotta be one of those Ninja Turtles.  Or maybe not.  I wrote down Vincent Van Gogh and hoped for the best.

It was a Ninja Turtle.  Leonardo DaVinci.

No big points for Chuck tonight.  Oh well…

I figured I’d take my $25 and play some blackjack at the casino.

One hand later, dealer had blackjack and my $25 went back to the casino.

Next week I’ll do better, I hope.

Or at least, I hope Damon is hosting again.  That seems to bring me good luck.

And in a casino, you need all the luck you can get.