K-Chuck Radio: More One-Hit Wonders from the 1970’s

I’ve found an Internet radio station that broadcasts classic American Top 40 episodes – they’ll play one from the 1970’s, then follow it up with an episode from the 1980’s.  And in listening to these compilations – all hosted by radio legend Casey Kasem – you discover that there were some amazing songs out there that actually DID make it into the Top 40 … but, even today, aren’t getting a single sniff of airplay from oldies radio stations.

Of course, you know what that means.  K-Chuck Radio gets a new waycool blog post.

So let’s start with the following treats:

Up in a Puff of Smoke

No, this was not a Diana Ross hit under a pseudonym.  Polly Brown was the lead singer of the British band Pickettywitch, and this was her only Top 40 hit on this side of the Atlantic.  Gotta love that bubbly groove on this track.  Definitely.

Lay A Little Lovin’ On Me

I think this track creased somewhere in the Top 20.  This was Robin McNamara’s only hit – when listening to Casey Kasem’s introduction of this song, you discover that the guy was from Newton, Massachusetts – wow, the guy lived near the VFW Parkway?  Smooth.

Armed and Extremely Dangerous

Although this vocal trio had hits on the soul chart, this was their only Top 40 hit – this sweet slice of Philly Soul that just gets you out of your chair and dancing all around the room.

Let’s Live Together

Do not mix this up with the album by the Tragically Hip.  The Road Apples got a few weeks in the Top 40 in 1976 with this easy listening groove.

I Ain’t Got Time Anymore

The Glass Bottle’s only Top 40 hit barely made a dent on American Top 40 – in fact, in one of the only weeks the song was on the charts, AT40 accidentally played the song’s flipside as the “hit” – and the song fell off the Top 40 charts the next week.  Bummers.

5000 VOLTS
I’m On Fire

Here’s a studio group with the unmistakable powerful voice of Tina Charles.  I believe this song fought its way up to the mid-reaches of the Top 20 in 1975.  Probably could have cut loose the male backup vocal tracks, though…

It Feels Like I’m In Love

This is what happens when, in the latter years of the disco craze, someone tries to mix disco, house music and that “boop boop” synthesizer riff.  It’s a hit, but only a hit that barely touches the Top 40.

I’m Easy

Yes, this is an Academy Award winning song … from a film named Nashville.  No, it’s not the TV show with Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere.  And yes, this Keith Carradine is related to actor David Carradine.  I mean, how many Carradines are there in Hollywood these days?

Makin’ It

At some point in the late 1970’s, David Naughton was on the Top 40 charts, he had a television sitcom, and a popular string of Dr. Pepper TV commercials.  Now this song’s stuck in your head.  You’re welcome. 😀

Double Barrel

Yes, this song did crack into the American Top 40 charts… no, its follow-up song, “Monkey Spanner,” did not join it on the charts here.  Yes, we were grooving to ska and rock-steady and early reggae back in the 1970’s.  For sure.

And there you have it.  A mixture of Top 40 hits from the 1970’s that got plenty of spins in their day … and they even have some intros from the radio legend himself, Casey Kasem. 😀

Right here … on K-Chuck Radio!