Wintertime at the Rexleigh Bridge

Last autumn, I took pictures of the Rexleigh Covered Bridge in Washington County.  I had hoped to capture the Rexleigh with fall foliage bursting around it … but the fall foliage at Rexleigh just wasn’t being as cooperative as I wanted.  Urgh.

So I decided to go with Plan B.

Plan B, in case you’re wondering, is to wait until there is a decent amount of snowfall – enough to lightly dust the area – and then photograph the Rexleigh Bridge with a wintertime appearance.

Yeah.  That’ll work.

I hope.

Last Saturday morning.  Checked the weather.  Snow flurries in the area.

Okay, this will be a test run.  I loaded a pack of efke 100 B&W film into my Krasnogorsk FT-2 super-ultra-wide film camera.  It’s on you, Raskolnikov.  Let’s make this happen.

A one-hour trip through Rensselaer County, and up into Washington County.  Well, the few snowflakes I did see … if this is what constitutes a definition of “snow flurries,” man I gotta have words with the weather forecasters.

Arrived at the Rexleigh Bridge.  Sun hasn’t broken through the trees yet.  I figured I had at least nine or ten shots out of a 36-exposure roll of efke, so let’s make it happen.

I brackedted my shots at three of the four available speeds this camera can handle, 1/400, 1/200 and 1/100.  Peaceful and quiet.

First, my best shot along the side of the Rexleigh Bridge…

Winter, Rexleigh Bridge profile 1. Krasnogorsk FT-2 camera, efke 100 film. Photo (c) Chuck Miller, all rights reserved.

Damn that looks nice.  I kinda wish there wasn’t that vertical banding on the shot, that can happen when the swing lens on this camera slightly hesitates.  Mental note.  Gotta take Raskolnikov to CameraWorks in Latham and let my camera tech Allen do some work on it.

Okay, now let’s try a profile shot from the road itself.  Right along here.

Rexleigh Bridge, Winter 2. Krasnogorsk FT-2 camera, efke 100 film. Photo (c) Chuck Miller,all rights reserved.

Not bad, not bad.  Very harsh and structured.

Okay.  Now let’s try a straight on shot, and see if I can get the full Rexleigh tunnel along with the sides of the river.

This one should be fun.

Okay, Raskolnikov … give me your best.

Rexleigh Bridge, Winter 3. Krasnogorsk FT-2 camera, efke 100 film. Photo (c) Chuck Miller,all rights reserved.

Holy shit.

Got it.  Got it got it got it.  Hey, you want to see some fine-ass detail?  Click on the picture and see the power of ekfe film in a Soviet camera.

Now granted, this doesn’t really qualify as a “winter scene.”

But …

Now comes the plan.

I’m going to load Raskolnikov with the freshest batch of efke 100 I’ve got.  And I’m going to wait.  Because at some point in time, we’re going to get hit with a nasty, chilly nor’easter.  I mean really, this is New York, we’re due for at least three a winter.

And once that nor’easter hits and hits hard…

I’m going to drive back up to Washington County …

And I’ll burn off all nine or ten shots in this camera…

if I can get one photo that has the power of a snowstorm – and a covered bridge – right in this one picture…

It will be SO worth it.

Trust me on this.