Chuck’s Best Blog Moments of 2017

Well, wasn’t THIS an interesting year?

With new directions and new achievements and new everything, 2017 was a year for my blog like none before.

So let’s recap ten moments – great and challenging – from this year in blogging, shall we?

And let’s start with…

10. I survived a major foot surgery – despite going under the knife and dealing with emotional trauma, only to be rescued by the spirit animal I took with me to the operating table.  If you’ve read my blog for any considerable period of time, you’d recognize the references.  😀

9. My dancing neon photo Step and Pivot, taken outside a Colonie cobbler shop in 2016, became only my third picture ever to be accepted into the Capital District Photo Regionals.  Not only that, it also claimed a gallery award as well.  Step and Pivot now joins Vivaldi’s Pond and The Jumbuck as Photo Regionals honorees.

8. In my crafting and creation projects, I built a twinkling, sparkling tribute to the bottled waters of Saratoga Springs with the Saratoga Vichy Crate Art Project It was exhibited at the Trask Art Show in Saratoga Springs in 2017, and who knows where it might end up in 2018?

7. My longtime buds Jeremy McNamara and Katie Kurtessis are now bound by the bonds of holy matrimony.  How awesome is that?  Super awesome.

6. Although none of my pictures received love at the New York State Fair in Syracuse this year (second consecutive shutout, third in four years, hashtag #syracurse), my latest creations involving reclaimed dairy and soda crates, got lots of love.  Including this Soda Crate Hope Chest, which picked up a second place in the recycled wood category at the Fair.

5. I promised myself I would complete four reclaimations after my foot surgery.  One was to return to the Boreas PondsOne was to return to Historic Albany Foundation’s BUILT charitable auctionOne was to return to the Equinox Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner Delivery event.  And my fourth reclaimation?  If all goes well, I’ll be blogging about it in April 2018.  That’s the only hint you get.

4. It was a road trip of adventure, but I was able to get to South Carolina in time for the 2017 Great American Eclipse.  And I got the photo, bay bee, I got the photo…

3. Competition Season 2017 was better than last year, with my first-ever ribbon at the Iowa State Fair for What The Grasshopper Saw, my first-ever blue ribbon for a true photo in the photography competition for my infrared shot Farrell, and a six-ribbon, two-fair day that saw my fourth-ever blue at Durham and two Honorables at the Big E.

2. Although I didn’t claim my third Trivia Bowl or my fourth Summer Bowl championships … I was still part of a national trivia championship team.  That’s right, baby, the Stir Crazy Trivia Team claimed the 2017 World Tavern Trivia Championships in Atlantic City.  And in 2018… we’re reclaiming our championship.  That’s right, we bad …

And number one…

1. My April Fool’s Day blog post that essentially confirmed that the Times Union, for all the promises it offered, never really cared about my blog or me.  Which is why I left.  And despite Big Hearst’s claims that I would only have an audience of the three imaginary friends in my head … you all stepped up and joined me on this new blogging adventure.  Much thanks and love and blessings.  And even though the Times Union pulled some shady stuff afterward – harassing me with cold call subscriptions and locking out blogs by my friends – the paper revealed its true colors.  I guess that’s what happens when your publishing company coined the phrase “yellow journalism.”  No matter … I guess that’s why they eventually hired blogger Andre La Plume to replace me. 😀

That’s 2017 in Chuck’s blog.  That, and all the K-Chuck Radio posts, Collarworld posts, the new Bachelor Cooking posts, and lots more to come.

What does 2018 hold in store?

Guess we’ll start finding out in a couple of days, right?