Chuck’s New Year’s Resolutions for 2018

I normally don’t do this.  My belief is that resolutions must be made upon one’s birthday, in that they will last longer afterward.  Most resolutions for New Year’s are made on January 1 and forgotten by January 3.

This time, however, I’m going to put together some resolutions that are tied to certain dates, moments and experiences.  And with it all, I hope that you also join me in making your own timed resolutions for certain days and dates.

So let’s start with…

January 2018.  At some point in this month my son Kris will get married.  During that time period, I will become a supportive father, father-in-law, and who knows what else.  From what i understand, there will be two ceremonies – a small one in Washington State, and a more family-oriented one on the East Coast.  Wishing positive vibes and good karma, Kris.  You always have your father for support.

January 6, 2018.  After nearly a decade away, the Albany Patroons return to the Washington Avenue Armory.  I’m going to the home opening night, I’ve got my game-worn Jamario Moon #33 home jersey as support gear, and I’m back to cheer on the gold and kelly green.  So if you say to me, “Let’s go Pats,” I will automatically default that to “Patroons.”  Works for me…

February 3, 2018.  Trivia Bowl 13.  Ten years ago, my Street Academy trivia team won the big chalice.  Three years later, a different lineup of Street Academy teammates (including me) won the trophy again.  I still hold out hope of being the first person to get his name on the trophy three times, and this year may be my best chance to achieve that goal.

February 17, 2018.  Geek Bowl.  My Stir Crazy trivia team wanted me to join them for last year’s Geek Bowl in Seattle, but I had a broken foot and was not in any condition to travel.  This year, Geek Bowl is in Boston.   I don’t care if Tom Brady stands in my way, I’m going to support my teammates.  No question about it.

March 2018.  Pay off my Chevrolet.  I signed up for a six-year loan for my 2013 Chevrolet Cruze “Dracourage” in 2016, and thanks to art sales and gambling winnings and extra cash here and there and whatever I can spare, I’m nearly four years ahead of my loan payments.  This will be a totally personal achievement and a big fat weight off my shoulders.  Plus, I’ve kinda grown to appreciate Dracourage as my chariot of choice.

April 16, 2018.  I need to get a photo on this date, specifically to honor a long-time friendship.  This is not negotiable.  It will involve complicated travel.  And it will involve a moment that – should I miss it – I won’t be able to recapture it.  So I must prepare and prove well.

May 2018.  One last try to grow and photograph the skeleton flowers.  And this year, i won’t take them outside – I’ll grow them indoors until those delicate white petals bloom.  No argument.

June 2018.  Another vacation in Florida.  This time, I have a plan to avoid getting into another North Carolina car accident.  Work with me on this.

July 1, 2018.  I have three Solarcan cameras – essentially photo paper in beer cans that were converted into pinhole cameras – scattered around Albany.  On July 1, I will harvest them.  One camera will have completed a seven-month blaze.  The other two?  Passive photography for a YEAR.

August 2018.  Competition Season 2018.  Build on success at Altamont.  Continue the streaks at the Big E and Durham.  Celebrate the positive vibes at Iowa.  And try to break the #syracurse at the New York State Fair.

September 2018.  The World Tavern Trivia championships have moved to autumn in Atlantic City.  My Stir Crazy trivia team are the defending champions.  And we hope to be the first team to win the big bucks in back-to-back triumphs.  That’s right, we bad…

November 22, 2018.  Equinox Thanksgiving Day turkey deliveries.  My holiday tradition of giving and thankfulness continues.

Late November 2018.  I have a location to shoot the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train as it speeds through the Capital District.  Again, I must be there and I must hope for good weather.  Last year’s visit of the Holiday Train was a taste of joy.  This year, I want to feast.

December 31, 2018.  Continuing my streak of blogging every day for the entire year – a streak that goes all the way back to August 25, 2009 – and writing another “resolutions for 2019” blog post.  Yeah, I’m about as predictable as a Bulova watch.

See you all in the new year… hopefully I can pull off all these challenges.  And I’ll take as many as I can achieve. 😀