The results of Trivia Bowl XIV

Yesterday was the 14th annual Capital District “Trivia Bowl,” one of five different championship trivia tournaments on my 2018 schedule.  Guess you could call it a different type of “Competition Season” for me.

Nearly forty teams arrived at Wolf’s 1-11 for the big event.  For my team, I had a grouping of various players from my ancillary trivia events – Tim came in from the Stir Crazy trivia team; he and I were part of the World Tavern Trivia championship-winning trivia squad in 2017.  Mike came in from the Trinity Alliance of the Capital District team; we’ve helped Trinity Alliance claim hundreds of charitable dollars in our trivia winnings.  And Jeff joined me as well – a few years ago, he and I claimed a Summer Bowl championship.

Now if you’re going to play along with us, here are the questions.  You get points for correct answers, you lose points for incorrect answers, and you get two skips and a “double chance” option – you can write down two answers for one question, if you’re right you get the points; if you’re wrong you lose TWICE the points.

Ready?  Set?  Here we go.  First round.

  • (2 pts) What is the first digit in the number of DIFFERENT franchises that have won a Super Bowl?
  • (4 pts) What number and letter cominbation was used in the name of the second generation iPhone?
  • (6 pts) What female pop star is set to star in a 2018 remake of “A Star Is Born?”
  • (8 pts) Better known for playing Freddie Krueger, Robert Englund’s resume also includes providing the voice for which villain on Batman: The Animated Series?
  • (10 pts) What retail giant got its name from combining the owners’ initials plus the initials of where he grew up?

We hit the first three questions – 1 (19 teams), 3G (Mike knew that), and Lady Gaga (Jeff heard that on the Howard Stern show), but we skipped the last two – we were not aware that Robert Englund was the Riddler on Batman: The Animated Series, and although we thought about writing down DKNY, we skipped the question completely.  Good choice.  The answer was IKEA.

  • (2 pts) What British band shares its name with a model of Hyundai automobiles?
  • (4 pts) In what Texas city will you find a minor league baseball team called the Missions?
  • (6 pts) What male entertainer was nominated for 8 Grammy awards last weekend, but went home with none?
  • (8 pts – double) Who were the Presidents when each of the Space Shuttles exploded?
  • (10 pts) Formed in Las Vegas, what band’s 2012 debut album was called “Night Visions”?

We actually whiffed on the first question – we’re thinking Elantra, Accent, all those cars, and none of us remembered the Hyundai Genesis.  We did nail the next three questions – San Antonio, Jay-Z and Ronald Reagan / George W. Bush.  But the Las Vegas band?  Er … um …

Okay, it’s official.  Pop music has completely slipped past me.

At the end of the half, we were in the middle of the pack – 14th place.

Let’s go to the third round.

  • (2 pts) Singing the National Anthem at the Big Game tomorrow, what is Pink’s real name?
  • (4 pts) In the recent slew of entertainers to play Col. Sanders in KFC commercials, what comic actor was the first to wear the white suit?
  • (6 pts) Founded in Phoenix in 1998, Republic Services is the second largest provider of what service in the United States?
  • (8 pts – quadruple bonus) Robert DeNiro has won one Oscar for Best Actor.  What four films was  he nominated for Best Actor but did not win?
  • (10 pts – Considered the first murder mystery based on details of a real crime, who wrote “The Mystery of Marie Roget”?

I knew the first one cold – especially when you have a kid who used to play Pink all the time in the car – Pink and Spice Girls and whatnot … Alicia Moore, in case you were wondering.  I also knew that Darrell Hammond was the first comedian to play Col. Sanders.  We stumbled on the third question (apparently Republic Services is a company that handles sanitation), and we only got three of the four DeNiro Best Actor Oscar nominations – Taxi Driver, Casino and The Deer Hunter, missing Awakenings.

This started a pattern of “we had the right answer and we talked ourselves out of it.”  Tim had Awakenings, and we talked him out out of it.  Grr.  8 points left on the table.

The next question – I could have sworn it was Edgar Allen Poe that wrote that story.

“It could be Agatha Christie.”

I thought about using the double chance option.  If we wrote down Poe and Christie, we have a chance to be right.  If we’re wrong … 20 points off our score.

I chickened out.  I crossed off Poe, wrote Christie, and we lost ten points.


Meanwhile, Mike had a theory.  “I think they’re going to ask a reality TV question for the finals.”

“They did that last year,” I said.

“Well, if they do, just write down RuPaul’s Drag Race, that’ll be the answer.”

Okay.  It’s not like they’re going to ask another question like that…

Final round.  We gotta get some points and we gotta get them now.

  • (4 pts) What drama series revolves around siblings nicknamed “The Big Three”?
  • (6 pts) What building was lit for the first time by President Herbert Hoover on May 1, 1931?
  • (8 pts – triple bonus) Name the three quarterbacks to have each won exactly TWO Super Bowl MVP awards?
  • (10 pts) What U.S. President was born on January 30, 1882?

Almost ran the table.  This Is Us, The Empire State Building, and Franklin D. Roosevelt.  For the triple bonus, we said Bart Starr and Eli Manning (which are correct) and then we added Joe Montana (when it should be Terry Bradshaw).  Damn it, my habit of not naming a certain Steelers quarterback in my blog came back to bite me in the tuchus when I needed a classic Steelers quarterback to save me.

Okay.  We’re still in 14th place, but if we bet every point we have and hope that thirteen teams collapse in front of us … we still have a shot in this.

“The final question … is in the category of Reality TV.”

I wrote down RuPaul’s Drag Race.  Hey, it could happen…

  • What comedian teamed up with his wife to win a 2017 FOX cooking competition series called “My Kitchen Rules”?

I crossed off RuPaul’s Drag Race.

And believe it or not … I knew this answer.  I remember because My Kitchen Rules was based on an Australian reality TV show where ordinary couples turn their homes into one-day restaurants and try to win a championship.  For the USA version, the game was tailored as a celebrity cooking show … and I remember the commercials featuring Andrew “Dice” Clay as one of the contestants.

Now I just have to hope that nobody else watched that show.  And from what I understand, its Nielsen ratings would bear that out.

Lots of answers for Jerry Seinfeld and Jim Gaffigan and Larry the Cable Guy and Kevin Hart.

And every time a team ahead of us whiffed on the answer, we moved up the standings …

Higher …

Higher …

And then a team ahead of us said Andrew Dice Clay.

And the team in second place overall – a squad named EZ Riders on Route 106 – also said the Diceman.

And the answer…

Yep.  Andrew Dice Clay is still out there.

So congratulations to the new Trivia Bowl Champions – EZ Riders on Route 106.

And what makes their win even sweeter is – for years they would always finish in second place in Trivia Bowl, and they would end up coughing the final when their captain Wayne would write down some stupid answer.  Wayne wasn’t there yesterday.  They won without Wayne.

And for long-time Capital District trivia fans … that’s poetic justice.  😀

Thanks once again to my teammates Jeff, Tim and Mike, and I hope we get together again soon for future tournaments.  Well, in two weeks I’ll see Tim and the Stir Crazy squad at Geek Bowl in Boston, so there’s that.

And congratulations once again to EZ Riders on Route 106, they deserve that Trivia Bowl win.

And we came in third place overall – a very respectable showing for the Street Academy.

Now the clock ticks for Trivia Bowl 15.  It’s only 360-some-odd days away…