Albany Patroons beat Rochester 118-107, new scoreboard, new Moon, same results!

The first thing I noticed when I visited the Armory on Sunday afternoon for Albany’s home game against Rochester wss the Armory’s new scoreboard.  And it’s an amazing looking scoreboard.  It’s a digital screen that has running advertisements on the side, as well as the opportunity to play promotional commercials and video clips.  Sweet.

The next thing I noticed when I visited the Armory on Sunday afternoon was the appearance of new sposnorships along the court.  The law firm of Dreyer Boyajian bought signage.  So did Rivers Casino and O’Toole’s Bar and Grille.  Guys … this thing is growing faster than we imagined.

The next thing I noticed when I visited the Armory on Sunday afternoon was – they now have a souvenir stand.  You can get T-shirts with the Patroons logo on them!  (Oh, by the way, they nearly sold out all the shirts; only sizes left by the end of the night were “Omar the Tentmaker” 4X sizes).

And although the Albany Patroons started off a bit rough on the court … they charged back.  23 points from Shane Rector.  23 points from Jamario Moon.  21 from Torren Jones.  And two key steals and plenty of playing time for the Patroons’ new signing – Xavier Moon, Jamario’s nephew.  And the Albany Patroons charged toward a big fat 118-107 win over Rochester.  So this means … if I did the math correctly … Albany is perfect against the Razorsharks.

That’s as cool as a Shane Rector layup.

And how cool is this?

The Times Union actually talked about the Patroons winning the game.  Although, in the interest of typical Times Union-ness, they misspelled one of the players’ namesTerren Jones?  It’s Torren Jones, you fish-wrap!

Okay.   Had to get that out of my system.

But I did want to get to one point.  The new kid.  Xavier Moon.  The first time I saw him, his uncle Jamario introduced me to him.  Very nice kid, very polite.  Next thing I know … he’s wearing #4 in the lineup.

Okay, I figured he’d get a few minutes near the end of the game.

Not a chance.  He started the third quarter, played considerable minutes AND he got at least two key steals to stop Razorsharks runs.  This is big.

The Pats get a bit of rest this week, but Saturday they have a key first-time match against the Vancouver Knights.  Good seats are still available, and you MUST NOT MISS THIS GAME!