Albany Patroons 127, Vancouver Knights 100, and it wasn’t even THAT close!

A few things about last night’s game.  The Albany Patroons pounded Vancouver, at one point the Pats were up by 30, 35 points … en route to a 127-100 beat-down of the visiting squad.

This is fun.

It’s also fun when Jamario Moon gets an assist from Smush Parker and takes it in for a nice slam in the first quarter.

Here, you can see.

Ah, the power of the BlackBerry KEYone slow-mo camera phone.

And it’s even more fun when Jamario Moon himself retweets your video to all his followers.

Oh, it’s a great night for basketball.

And it’s also a great night for a Patroons win.  Edwin Ubiles drained 38 points and made anyone who tried to defend him look silly.  Lloyd “Pooh” Johnson drained three-pointers like they were going out of style.  It got so bad for Vancouver, in fact, that it looked as if they were caught with their pants down.

Oh wait … they kinda were … 😀

In fact, I had some fun verbally heckling one of their players, Zach Reynolds.  Reynolds was previously on the Rochester Razorsharks roster, and he was a bit of a rah-rah guy who tried to fire up his team from the bench – then he would go into the game and cough up a couple of turnovers.  I got into his head with comments about his dreadful play …

And then I found out he was traded a few days ago – to Vancouver.

There he is, back in the Armory.  And there he goes, trying to rev up his team.  And there he goes, yapping at the refs and getting a technical foul for his efforts.

Of course I couldn’t let that go.  Razzed him for all he was worth.

By the third quarter, when Vancouver was trying to stage a comeback, Reynolds walked over to the bench for some water, looked at me and said, “I don’t want to hear nothing from you, big mouth!”

At that moment I knew … I had gotten into his head.  HA!

In the end … Albany goes 10-1, they’re glued to the top of the NAPB league standings, and I’m happy.  That’s right, Chuck is happy.

You seem surprised.

But it’s true.  The Patroons are back, they’re putting up a massive winning record … and it just feels awesome to go to the Armory and have a great time doing so.