K-Chuck Radio: That’s song’s about WHAT?!?!?

Here’s the thing.  The majority of pop and rock songs are about love – love earned, love lost, love wished for, love enduring.  This is a common theme in popular music.

Also common in popular music is a song with a hidden meaning.  Yes, the song may be about something acute, but the lyrics might be completely obtuse.  You follow my tangent?

So on today’s K-Chuck Radio, we have some songs whose subject matter is – well – not what it appears to be.

And let’s start with this classic from …

Hold On Loosely

Now what sounds like a reminiscence about a love long ago – is a little creepier when you actually read the lyrics.  The guy’s thinking about a girl, for sure – while he’s doing something privately to himself.  Yep, he’s giving himself, shall we say… a bit of a stroke.

Cherry Baby

Yes, this one-hit wonder has a nice groove, a nice rock melody circa mid-1970’s … until you really take a listen to the lyrics and you find out its about a prison inmate wanting to get busy with a young virgin – and why is he in jail?  Because he stalked that girl, that’s why… ewwww…

My Ding-A-Ling

Think about this for a second.  You can name ten Chuck Berry classics right off the top of your head … but this is the only one that actually hit #1 on the Billboard pop charts.  Yep, a double-entendre song about … yes … that …

She Bop

After you cut through all the lyrics in this song, you discover that this is Cyndi Lauper’s ode to – yes, the same thing Chuck Berry was singing about.  Jeez, I gotta explain everything to you?

And one more for the morning …


Buried in the jazzy horn section and rocking drum beat was a song about three men caught in a mine cave-in, with limited food rations.  But when they’re rescued, only two well-fed men are found, the third man was never located.  Yes, the song is about (gasp) cannibalism, and it somehow made the Top 20 on the pop charts.  Later explanations suggested that “Timothy” was actually the two miners’ mule.  SURE it was.  (wink)

And here I thought all these songs were about love and metaphors of love.

Boy was I wrong… 😀