Albany Patroons 106, Yakima Sun Kings 102, and apparently I have a new job…

So here’s what happened.

As per my normal routine, I dig up one of my old game-worn Albany Patroons uniforms, and head to the Armory for a hotly contested basketball game between the Albany Patroons and the Yakima Sun Kings.  These are the two best teams in the North American Premier Basketball League, and this promises to be a top-notch game.

And sure enough, it was.  With Jamario Moon scoring 19 points, and his nephew Xavier Moon also notching 19 points, Albany came up big when it needed to and took the victory 106-102.

If you click that hyperlink and read through it … you might notice a byline at the end.

Yeah … you might know that guy from somewhere.

Point of disclosure.  My plan was to just attend Patroons games and be a fan.  But in doing so, I ended up helping the team out with little things here and there.  You know, give the statistician a hand, help the social media director with some phone clips from my BlackBerry…

You know … stuff like that.

Yesterday, I was asked if I could write up a little post-game recap of the contest.  So after I spent four quarters heckling the Sun Kings (by the way, head coach Paul Woolpert learned some new curse words since the last time he was here a decade ago), bought myself some souvenirs (nice new T-shirts in various bright colors), and chowed down on a hot dog and a diet cola (hey, don’t judge) …

After the game ended, I went into a small office in the Armory complex and wrote the Patroons’ wrapup piece.  And I kinda think, “Sun Kings Eclipsed by Pair of Moons” works well, don’t you?

See, here’s the thing.  I’m not looking for a new career.  I’m enjoying my work with the NBL Canada and have been enjoying same for the past seven years.

But this is my home team, people… this is my FIRST PLACE IN THE STANDINGS home team.  I get to cheer these guys on and they represent my home town.  And they’re that … damn … good.

Besides, who knows?  Maybe later this season I might decide on taking a road trip to Rochester or to Akron to see the Patroons win against the RazorSharks or the Cardinals.  That would be sweet…

And if I’m doing something that makes me happy … then that’s fine by me.