One more attempt to avoid plant murders.

Two years ago, I ordered some plants with the idea of photographing their beautiful petals.

They grew pretty well for my efforts … then one day, a late-winter snowstorm wiped them out.

Last year, I ordered those same plants with the idea of photographing their beautiful petals.

They grew pretty well for my efforts … then the one day I took them outside for some natural air, a nasty rainstorm ruined them.

Last Thursday … I checked with the nursery, one of only two or three nurseries in the USA that sells this rare plant.  New nurslings were ready for shipment.

I ordered four plants.

Now I wait.

In case you’re new to my blog, I need to explain what makes these plants so spectacular.

Or maybe I should just show you.

See, the “skeleton flower” has milk-white petals that, when kissed by rain, become translucent and clear.  These would make awesome photo subjects.  I’ve already got my super-macro lens (the Mitakon Zonghyi x4.5), and if I can get these shot just right…

But my problem has been that I can’t seems to keep the plants alive long enough for the white petals to bloom.  This isn’t about getting a packet of Burpee seeds and throwing them in a muddy ditch in the backyard and wondering why they haven’t grown … no, what I have is a situation where I want them to grow, I treat them with care and water and whatever I can… only to have something happen to them and ruin them.


So I figure … four plants, each one in their own flower pot, each onie in a different part of my apartment, all getting diffused sunlight and rich potting soil and the like…

Maybe it will work this time.

At least one of the four plants should do well.  Two, if I’m extremely fortunate.

I know that I’m going super-hard for these plants.  Really, I understand this.

But when you’re hyper-focused on a goal in life…. you want to have success with it.

I can’t let past failures deter me from getting the pictures that I want … even if it means waiting for the plants to bloom, whether it takes months or even a year.  If you don’t reach out for the farthest goal… you will never achieve them.

And for me, 2018 will involve trying to keep four plants alive long enough to enjoy their translucent petals.

I will not give up.

I can’t give up.

These plants need to grow up.

And their petals need to show up.

Because this time if I screw up…

I may as well just throw up.