So a flight from Seattle to New York is…

To paraphrase radio host and guest chastiser Dr. Laura, I am my kid’s dad.


Yesterday, I’m glancing through Facebook, and I see a message my son Kris left, as he is looking for any and all recommendations for cheap flights from Seattle to New York.

Well now.  This certainly means that he and the new wife are coming to the Empire State for a period of time.  This is awesome.

Then I realized.  He’s going to be on a budget.  Let me try to find him a flight.

I gave him a call.  “What are the dates you’re looking to fly?”

He told me his travel itinerary.  “I checked Southwest, their flights were too expensive.”

Wow.  Southwest was too expensive?  What happened, did they actually decide that the “cheap seats” weren’t sitting on the plane wing and flapping your arms?

No matter.  With Kris on the phone, I went over to Orbitz and looked for flights.  Yeah.  Seattle to Albany isn’t cheap.  Heck, I should know this.  I did that jaunt last year.

“Okay,” I said, “What if we could fly you from Seattle to maybe JFK in New York City?”

“Find out, Dad.”

And sure enough, I found Kris a flight on Alaska Airlines – non-stop from Sea-Tac to JFK and back – for $200 cheaper.


Kris gave me his credit card and told me to book the flight.

A few moments later, Kris received a text message alerting him of the flight reservation.  Aces.

The plan is for Kris and his wife Tanya to visit New York – including up here in the 518/838 – for three weeks as a sort of delayed honeymoon.

Oh, and one thing.  Something that kinda caught me off-guard, but in a good and understandable way.

When I loaded in Kris’ name in the reservation section of the travel website, the site asked for Kris’ full name, including his middle name.  I knew that Kris had changed his first name, but I didn’t know if his middle name – which was originally “Anna,” after my Grandma Betty’s mother’s name – had remained.

“No, Dad,” he said.  “It’s Myles now.”

Okay.  That is a name change I can understand.

Well, it looks like hard work pays off in the Miller family.  I should be ready for the new arrivals in a couple of months.

This ought to be fun.