The GLF Embroidery Project, Part 4

So I postponed my GLF Embroidery Project for a few weeks.  Mostly because I’ve been involved with other projects that have captured my attention of late.

Okay, yeah, I procrastinated.  Instead of getting this project done in time for Competition Season 2018, I got hooked on another burlap bag project – the Eastern States Farmers’ Exchange bag, which I just finished last week.

Now it’s back to the main project.  If I want this burlap embroidered project done for the summer, I have to resume it now.

So every day, whenever I can, I have to finish something on this bag.

Here’s where I’m at right now.

You can see my patterns here.  Each diamond will match in color to the diamond directly above / below it.  Nice bright colors, yes?  Each GLF Quality miniature logo will have a rosette embroidered upon it.  And then I will neaten up those black borders on the diamonds.

All I need to do is, when I sit down to work on this project, one of three things.

  • I need to fill in one diamond pattern with bright single-color yarn.
  • I need to embroider a rosette over the remaining GLF Quality logos.
  • I need to re-stitch those black criss-cross borders between the diamonds.

If I can do at least one item every day on this … I should make enough progress to complete this by summertime.  I hope.

Because, realistically, I finished the toughest part of this project – the big GLF Quality logo and the lettering below it – already.  So now I have to finish the simple stuff.

Yeah, simple stuff.

I can do this … I just have to stay motivated in this project.

In fact, right now I only have ten rosettes left to finish.  All my rosettes are made from leftover yarn from other projets.  The rosette in this blog post, for example, came from the color-changing variegated yarn from the Eastern States Farmers’ Exchange burlap sack.

If I get the rosettes stitched in first, then the background stitching and the border stitching follows along without any trouble.

Trust me, I have plans for Competition Season 2018.  Not just in my photography, but also in my construction and crafts.

For those who say “Chuck can’t do this…”

I’m flipping them the bird.  😀

Because, if all goes well…

With all this burlap and all this wool and acrylic yarn…

Maybe, just maybe…

By the end of the summer…

Perhaps these projects will acquire a shiny strip of silk.


So I’ll definitely keep you posted on my progress on this project.  I really hope this works out.

I really do.