A return to San Francisco Bay… competition-wise…

Four years ago, I added a new photography competition to my “Competition Season,” as I entered several of my images in the San Francisco International Photography Competition.  And one of my images – a slitscan photo called The Three-Two Pitchearned a silver medal in competition


The Three-Two Pitch.  (c) Chuck Miller, all rights reserved.

Yep, that was my best effort in slitscan photography, and it eventually picked up other awards.

This morning, I received word that a new competition, organized and sponsored by the website Bokeh Bokeh Photo, will take place in San Francisco this year.  For more information, click on the picture at right.

The top prizes include physical exhibition at a major San Francisco art gallery, as well as some serious cash.

And realistically, I have four years of photos I could enter.


Man oh man, what could I enter in this show?  Step and Pivot? The Heavens Above, The Forest BelowWhat the Grasshopper SawThe Cumulo-Nimbus EclipseLadies Make Their Own EntrancesFarrellThe Mahari StreamJessica: Instamatic DichotomyVivaldi’s Pond?  One of the Solarcan shots?  One of my Boreas Ponds shots?

Hang on, Miller … there’s an entry fee for each picture, so choose carefully.

So, my loyal blog readers, if I were to enter any of my pictures in this exciting competition, what do you think would work? Should I go with my nature shots?  Maybe my experimental images?  Or my lenticular ones?  Heck, if I could figure out how to submit three-dimensional images like Lauren and the Leaves or Vivaldi’s Pond… that would be super-swank.

Man oh man … if I wasn’t already stoked about Competition Season 2018…

This just ramped up the excitement factor. 😀