Jeremy McNamara: Badge 5475

Tomorrow, my friend Jeremy McNamara gets to fulfill the #1 entry on every competitive runner’s life list.

He’s going to run his first-ever Boston Marathon.  He’s wearing running bib number 5475, and he’s going to race the 26 miles from Hopkinton to Copley Square on Monday morning.

This is a major, major, major achievement.  I’m proud of the guy.  And I, like many of his other friends, will cheer him on for this journey.

Image may contain: Jeremy McNamara, smiling

Heck, he’s always been in my corner when I needed a friend.  So he’s run that marathon with me … now it’s time to cheer him on for his marathon.

Let me chronicle.

About a decade ago, I was playing Wednesday night trivia at Brown’s Brewing in Troy.  The great Ryan West (God rest his soul) was hosting, and I was doing rather okay on the night.  The final ten-question category was on the show Arrested Development, and at some point in time I really should watch that show.  No kidding.

Next thing I know, Jeremy came over to my single player table.  “Can we join your trivia team?”

I had only one requirement.  “How much do you know about Arrested Development?”

He said, “I can guarantee you ten out of ten correct.”

Next thing you know, we had claimed ten out of ten correct, won the round and the prize of some of Brown’s tasty porter cake.

Through the years, J-Mac has always been there – whether as a trivia teammate or as a furniture moving buddy or just when I was in need of a cheer-up.  And through those same years, I was there to photograph some of his Ultimate Disc tournaments, when he was participating in running events, and to help him in some moving furniture moments of his as well.

Last year, he and his girlfriend Katie tied the knot.  It was a beautiful ceremony, and I was so happy for them.

Now he gets to run in his first-ever Boston Marathon.   How awesome is that?

All he needs to do is run 26 miles.  Simple enough.  Right?  🙂

And whatever time he finishes the race … will be his personal Boston Marathon record.  A “PR,” in running parlance.

So by tomorrow afternoon, J-Mac should be crossing the finish line… goal achieved and completed.

Good luck, my brother.  I’ve got $20 that says you finish the race in under three hours time.  😀

Go J-Mac!


Update: Jeremy McNamara completed the 2018 Boston Marathon in 3 hours, 30 minutes and 13 seconds.  A personal Boston Marathon best!