Collarworld: Vincent’s Epilogue

It was a quiet, lazy morning in the afterlife waystation known as Collarworld, where pets wait until they are once again joyously reunited with their masters.

It was very quiet.  From his home in a green meadow, Vincent the king orange tabbycat could barely hear any noises from the nearby realms.  That’s fine, he thought.  All is well at Indigo Acres.  It’s quiet in the Ashen Forest.  Peaceful at the Shore of the Cedars.  Peace and quiet.

He stretched his paws out.  A nice morning nap.

It was quiet.  And Vincent remembered the chatter of those who joined him in the green meadow.  Pets of all breeds, canines and felines and birds and reptiles.  All of them shared great stories of their masters and mistresses on Earth.  Some of those pets were reunited with thier masters.  Others joined up with new masters, while a select few became part of the legendary Order of the Seven Angels.

He thought about those companions.  A hint of a name, a memory of a mew or a bark.  Paisley.  Butterscotch.  Bate.  Cha-Cha.  So many friends.  So many steps on a journey.

Someday a blue sunbeam will cross the sky, a signal for all animals in Collarworld to travel to the Meeting Place to greet new arrivals.  Many would find their way to new homes in the realms of Collarworld.  There were some for whom the king orange tabbycat felt needed extra guidance.  Those animals could stay with him at the meadow for as long as they wished.

Another quiet morning.

Someday, Vincent thought to himself, my master will come for me.  I can’t expect him tomorrow.  I can’t expect him next week.  But I must be ready when he does cross the Rainbow Bridge from the Living Place.

And the stories he must share.  For those stories were all of happiness and struggle, of choice and redemption.  Of courage and bravery, of tolerance and acceptance.  So many stories.  So many memories.

A gentle breeze caressed Vincent’s whiskers.  And he thought to himself … should my day come when my master and I are reunited … how would I remember Collarworld and all that live here?  All the friends made … all the bonds created … all the adventures shared …

Another glance at the sky.  Pure and clear.  No blue sunbeams for arrivals; no red sunbeams for reunions.  And thankfully, no black sunbeams for those horrifying events in the Living World where …

If I ever did leave Collarworld for any reason, Vincent thought to himself, I hope I leave this world in a better way than how I arrived.  That’s all I can ask of myself.  That’s all I hope to achieve.

There will come a day, a day when Vincent’s time in Collarworld will change.  And there will indeed be new leaders.  New confidants.  New guides to help those in confusion and in need.

When that day does come, I hope that I am ready, Vincent mused.

And that all I have learned in Collarworld… all that I have experienced …

Is all for the best.

Another soft, ticklish breeze fluttered through the tabbycat’s fur.  He whisked his tail back and forth.

One more glance at the sky.

A tiny blue sunbeam rose from the horizon.  A new arrival at the Meeting Place.

Vincent yawned.  Naptime over.  It’s time to help another soul in need.

With that thought in his head, the tabbycat raced along the dirt path to the Meeting Place.