The Return of Ruth Wallis … in a new podcast

It was approximately twenty years ago when I, as a freelance writer for the music magazine Goldmine, interviewed 1950’s chanteuse Ruth Wallis.  Wallis had several major recordings, and was a mainstay at supper clubs, Vegas ballrooms and Australian concert halls for decades.  Her catalog was a mixture of double-entendre songs and bawdy big band tracks.

The article later ran in Goldmine magazine, and Ruth eventually used that article – and the renewed publicity from it – to produce a brand new off-Broadway revue of her work.

And now?  Ruth Wallis has moved to the podcast realm.

The podcast Sexing History recently crafted an overview of Ruth Wallis’ career, which included interviews with her son Alan Pastman and many others.  It also includes chunks of Ruth’s catalog, of which only a few songs have made the transition from vinyl to compact disc.

You can access Sexing History and the Ruth Wallis podcast by clicking this link.

And trust me … these songs may seem tame by comparison to today’s Top 40 chart (compare this to “Bodak Yellow” or even some of Nicki Minaj’s catalog), Ruth’s catalog back in the day was totally scandalous.  Wink wink.