The Albany Patroons are going to the playoffs!

Nearly a decade since their last appearance in the postseason – which, coincidentally, was their last appearance as an organized franchise in an organized league – the Albany Patroons have returned to the postseason.

The Pats will host the Ohio Bootleggers in a best-of-three series beginning Sunday night, April 29 at 7:00 p.m.  Game 2 will be Tuesday, May 1st, and Game 3 – if necessary – takes place on Wednesday, May 2 at 7pm.

When Albany downs the Bootleggers, the Patroons then face the winner of the Yakima Sun Kings – Kansas City Tornado’s in their best-of-three matchup for the inaugural North American Premier Basketball League championship.

This is gonna be interesting, to say the least.

Albany’s got the firepower to win this series, they’ve got the hot scorers like Xavier Moon and Edwin Ubiles and Jamario Moon and DeAndre Thomas and Lloyd Johnson and Stephen Cunningham and E.J. Gallup and a host of others…

But nobody can truly predict the postseason. That’s why games are played on the court and not on paper.

Now it’s different.  Now Albany’s back in the fight.  They can win this championship.  Four victories in two best-of-three series is sall it takes.

Trust me, this has been one long, strange trip with the Patroons.  Yet, in the end, it’s turned out successful.  The Pats finished the year with a 19-9 record, three of their players signed overseas contracts (Shane Rector, Torren Jones and Nick Evans), and one player set a league mark with 53 points in a game (Lloyd “Pooh” Johnson).  Jamario Moon returned to the team for more slam dunks and energetic blocks – and he brought his nephew, Xavier Moon, who showed he had plenty of talent as well.

That, and Derrick Rowland has been coaching like a genius, getting his players to excel in clutch situations and to fight for every single point and rebound.  Yeah, you know Derrick wants another ring.  Two as a Patroons player, one as an Albany Legends coach from about 8 years ago… A Patroons coaching ring would look super sweet, wouldn’t it? 😀

All we have to do now is win four games.  Two against Ohio, and two against the Yakima / Kansas City victor.  Then we get the inaugural NAPBL trophy.

Works for me.

So let’s do this.

See you on Sunday.

And next Tuesday.

And next Wednesday … only if necessary. 😀