Ricochet off Hudson Avenue

I can plan for a photography experience … or I could just shoot from the hip and get a photo.

I’m not saying that it will work every time …

But last Tuesday, it worked out rather well.

Rainy days are not the greatest for photography, and last Tuesday afternoon most of Albany was drenched by a sudden storm.  In fact, many of the storm drains around downtown Albany were backed up, and cars drove through massive puddles, their tires spraying dirty water on pedestrians.


Hudson Avenue is pretty treacherous in a rainstorm.  In fact, there’s a big-ass puddle that forms just at the intersection of Hudson and Broadway, and all that nasty fluid – a mixture of rainwater and dirt and leaking car oils – just looks ecch.

Then I noticed … hey, is that a reflection in the water of – the SUNY administration building, the old D&H Railroad offices?

Let’s try something.

I stood near the water and angled my BlackBerry KEYone camera phone right next to the edge of the puddle.  Yep… there’s the SUNY building, clear as day.

Take a photo.

Rotate the angle.

And …

SUNY Administrative Building in Puddle. BlackBerry KEYone camera. Photo (c) Chuck Miller, all rights reserved.

Ooh.  And that trickle of puddle down to the storm drain … you can see the facade of the SUNY building all the way through it, almost like the peek-a-boo outfit of an elegant lady’s exotic dress.

I posted the raw photo on an Albany-based Facebook site – a site where people post pictures of beautiful things in the Albany area – and let me tell you, the image exploded with likes and loves and wow emojis.

So this morning, I took the raw image from my camera phone, entered it into my computer, and added a little Google Nik software adjustment to it.

And what came out …

Was this.

D&H Building / SUNY Reflection. BlackBerry KEYone camera phone. (c) Chuck Miller, all rights reserved.

God freakin’ damn…

I don’t think this would be strong enough for Competition Season 2018…

But I have a VERY strong feeling that there’s one show this year that I can enter this little image.

A show that appears in late fall.

Something that’s … shall we say … BUILT to my specific talents? 😀