K-Chuck Radio: a post you can “c” through all the “grimes”

This happens so often in popular music, it’s enough to make your head swim.  For a few years, Prince called himself some doodle, which I guess spells out “The Artist Formerly Known as Prince.”  And Sean Combs has been Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, Diddy, I don’t know, what is it now, Doody, Dundy, Dinghy…

Recently I heard that some pop singer who calls herself “Grimes” has rebranded herself as c.  That’s it, she’s just the lower case third letter of the alphabet.  First off, maybe this is he 54-year-old music aficionado in me, but who the hell is Grimes in the first place?

So apparently this is a hit by Grimes – er – c.  Sounds like someone discovered the “beats” control on a Hammond organ and tried to record over it.  Meh.

First off, c, if I can call you c, there’s only one entity in the music world that can officially refer to themselves in the lower case, and that’s moe.  And moe. is allowed to flaunt the rules of punctuation and pronunciation because they’ve got a ton of musical talent.

But if c wants to be c, let’s c if we can find some K-Chuck Radio pop songs that would be perfect to fit in the vocabulary of c.

Perhaps c might like to rock out with a classic band from the 1970’s, as the group Wizzard records “c My Baby Jive.”

Maybe c can try a different genre of music – heck, Alice Cooper dabbled in rock ballads for a few years, and he had this classic song “(How You Gonna) c Me Now.”

Perhaps c can find inspiration in other classic rock songs.  heck, if c’s watched any episoides of ‘See Ess Eye” she might have picked up a Who song now and again.  Maybe this classic, “I Can c For Miles” would be right in her wheelhouse.

Maybe we need to consult with one of the Rolling Stones about this name change.  Bill Wyman, what do you think of c’s idea to change her name to c?  Does that mean that c c Je Suis Un Rock Star?

I got it, I got it – maybe c has a lot of manufactured hits, but if you put at least two of her manufactured hits together, wouldn’t that make it a c and c music factory?  HA!

Oh wait, I got one, I got one … if you put two of c’s songs as an ancillary part of a contract, would they be … wait for it … a C.C. Rider?

But follw me here, c.  If you’re just going to call yourself c, c, you gotta understand that there’s only one song that truly fits your new sobriquet.

And to perform it, here’s one of the greatest children’s television stars out there.

Thanks, c.  I really needed a good laugh today.  And this was a fantastic one.