Another reason to support BlackBerry phones … Donald Trump doesn’t use one.

Yesterday, I’m watching MSNBC – I’m watching a lot of MSNBC for some reason, maybe it’s to pick up references to obscure rap lyrics from Ari Melber, or to guess if Lawrence O’Donnell’s questions to the panelists are twice as long as the panelist’s answers…

And the MSNBC hosts announced that President Donald Trump is currently using an iPhone for his tweeting.  And that he won’t give up his iPhone because it wold be too inconvenient for him.

Really.  The same President who chastised Hillary Clinton for using a private computer server because it was “too convenient”?  Uh huh, the same old do as I say, not as I do…

That being said … Donald Trump’s using an iPhone.  And apparently it’s an unsecured iPhone.

Well now.

See, here’s the thing.  Our previous president – Barack Obama – also had issues with his cell phone usage.  But then again, he wasn’t using an iPhone.

He had what was, at the top of technology at the time, a state of the art BlackBerry.

Yeah.  Barack rocked a ‘Berry.

Now once he backe President, Obama was asked by White House security officials to give up his BlackBerry, but the President was reluctant to do so.  Instead, Obama compromised, and his BlackBerry was upgraded and modified with various security features, and his phone was checked every 30 days by White House security teams for anything that might have surreptitiously appeared upon it.

So let this be a lesson to all you tech savvy phone users.  They’re still making BlackBerry phones.  In fact, there’s a new BlackBerry KEYtwo phone – an upgrade on its better-than-expected successful KEYone phone – debuting this summer.

Granted, I’m a BlackBerry loyalist, but I’m not yet ready to give up my KEYone for this new Berry.  Once I get a BlackBerry phone, I use it until it outlives its effectiveness – which, in some instances, can take years – and then I get the latest Berry.  And since most BlackBerries now come “unlocked” – you can use them on most carriers without entering into contracts – I just get a ‘Berry that’s CDMA-capable, swap out the SIM card, and Verizon can’t give me any guff about it. Nyah.

So I’m just saying … if you really want to join the resistance…

Ditch that iPhone and switch to a BlackBerry.

If it’s good enough for Barack Obama … it’s good enough for you. 😀