The GLF Quality Burlap Project – almost done…

All I can say is that it’s been a very dedicated and therapeutic run.

And I’m almost done.

GLF Quality. Burlap sack with yarn embroidery. Concept and photo (c) Chuck Miller, all rights reserved.

As you can see from the picture at right, I am almost finished with my GLF Quality burlap sack stitching project.  What was originally an old burlap gunny sack was rethreaded with yards and yards of yarn, resewn and restitched into a swank embroidery project.

And now, all that remains is to take care of the borders.

See that white strip of thick yarn in the picture?  That will be sealed into the project, stitched into the burlap with wraps of black yarn.  The lower right quadrant of the project already has the black lining in it, all I need to finish is the lower right, and the upper half.

Then I’ll fill the inside of the gunny sack with padding, and seal up the top.

As you can see … this has been a long time in preparation.  But it’s also been a long time in relaxation.  Many rainy afternoons.  Many late night “can’t sleep” moments.  Figuring out how to create different rosettes, assisted with the guidance of YouTube videos.  Making damn sure that every colored square matched the one above and below it.

And even if this doesn’t win a single silk this summer …

I’ve achieved something new.  A new step in my life.  A new talent.  A new plan.

This is what the burlap sack looked like four or five months ago.  Back when I purchased the sack from an eBay seller on a lark.  Guys, this is a part of New York State history.  The Grange League Federation Exchange co-operative stores were part of New York’s rural existence.  Think Agway stores today.  In fact, the GLF became Agway in the early 1970’s.

And now we have an old burlap bag with some kitschy inking on it.  And somehow – whether it was from my own subconscious or a desire to build something new, something that didn’t involve a Queen Anne window or a wooden milk crate – I grabbed a needle and some yarn and started in on this bad boy.

What would you call this?  Dedication?  Insanity?   A condemnation on meditation and mediation?

Whatever you call it … I call it almost finished.

And it means I can get this bag entered in competition this year.  And that’s important.

It’s not the only embroidered sack I’m entering in competition, mind you …

Eastern States Farmers’ Exchange. Burlap sack with yarn threading. Photo and creation (c) 2018 Chuck Miller, all rights resrerved.

When I needed a break from the GLF Quality burlap sack, I stitched together this Eastern States Farmers’ Exchange burlap project.  I can’t enter both of these in the same show, but this bad boy COULD get entered in other shows in Competition Season 2018.  And it also gave me an impetus – knowing that if I can finish one project, I could certainly finish the GLF Quality one.  I just needed to take a few weeks away from it to recharge my batteries.

As you can imagine … I’m not just hitting Competition Season 2018 with photographs.

I’m bringing the yarn and the burlap this year.

And that’s 100% fine by me. 😀

Now all I have to do is make one more run to Jo-Ann Fabric for some more of that black acrylic yarn to finish up the GLF Quality artwork…

I can do this.

Oh wait, let me rephrase this.

I AM doing this.