A horse with a big brass set of stones…

I swear, this never gets old.  Someone tries to submit a horse name for registration.  In order to register a horse name, the name must be submitted with an organization called The Jockey Club.  The name must be no longer than 18 letters (with spaces), and must not contain profanity, slander, or something that would offend.

And yet … somehow this little name snipped through.

Last Friday, there was a horse race in Remington Park in Oklahoma.  This was a 400-yard sprint race, a maiden claiming race.  And among the horses in the gate was a horse named – I’m not joking – Bofa Deez Nutz.

Say that a few times.


Legit.  Bofa Deez Nutz is a 3-year-old quarter horse, he’s raced in these 400-yard sprint races for a couple of years now, mostly at Remington Park and Will Rogers Downs in Oklahoma.

And if you think that’s something … wait till you hear the race call.

That’s right … Bofa Deez Nutz.  And Bofa Deez Nutz won by a head.

You got $7.20 if you put $2 on Bofa Deez Nutz.

Even though Bofa Deez Nutz finished the race in only 20 seconds.  That’d be pretty disappointing otherwise, especially if you’re only getting $7.20 back for your efforts.

And the most ironic thing about Bofa Deez Nutz’ big win?

The horse is a gelding.

That’s right … true and honest, Bofa Deez Nutz had bofa heez nutz surgically removed. So really, he’s got nonna doze nutz.

And we now have the best horse racing name since this little harness horse racer…