K-Chuck Radio: The many rains of Africa

I’ve done these “interpretation” K-Chuck Radio blog posts before – different interpretations of pop chestnuts like Smash Mouth’s “All Star” or the re-interpretations of the “Steamed Hams” mini-episode of The Simpsons.

So for today, I bring you this classic 1983 yacht-rock #1 song by the studio band Toto.

No, it’s not “Hold the Line” or “99” or “Rosanna” or “You Know I Won’t Hold Back” or any of those.

I mean, honestly, I say “Toto” and if you’re not a Wizard of Oz fan, what song do you think of?

Yep.  This one.

Yep.  Now that song’s glued into your brain.  You’re welcome.

Earlier this year, the 90’s band Weezer knocked out an amazing cover of the song.  I’m not sure why they’re covering the song, but I’m not complaining.

Those were cool.

Then we get the weird stuff.

Like this guy playing “Africa” on a rubber chicken.

Yes.  On a rubber chicken.

Then you get this guy who thinks the best way to discover all the presets and digital sounds from his synthesizer is to play “Africa” while testing them all out.

At least that guy had a decent synth.

This next version features someone who barely spent a dollar in the cutout bin for his keyboard.

Now if you had the computer skils and wherewithall to connect hundreds of old floppy discs drives, scanners and other computer equipment …. and figure out how to make them generate the proper tones … yep, you can play “Africa” on them.  Works, right?  Right?

How about “Africa” on a pipe organ … and by “pipe organ” I mean a collection of sorta-properly-tuned bottles of Budweiser?

Okay, that’s enough.

No it’s not.

This YouTube user took Toto’s “Africa” and – well – he alphabetized it.

He rearranged the lyrics so all the words are in alphabetical order.

Brace yourself.

And if you’re sick of “Africa” – how about if it was mixed with another song?  Perhaps with this one-hit wonder song “Fireflies”?

And maybe if drummer Jeff Porcaro’s drumps aren’t punchy enough for you … how about we mix in drums from Phil Collins?

So now we have the final question… “Chuck, there’s no way anybody tried to solder ‘Africa’ to Smash Mouth’s ‘All-Star,’ right?  Nobody would be that demented.  Right?”

Exhibit A.

This is when we have fun here on K-Chuck Radio.

And I’m okay with having some fun.

How about you?