Whitney Avalon sings again!

Actress Whitney Avalon has done whatever it takes to break through in the entertainment industry.  She’s appeared in several TV shows and commercials (she’s the mother in the blended family Cheerios commercials), she’s produced a series of wildly popular “Princess Rap Battle” videos (the one between Snow White and Elsa from Frozen has maybe 70 zillion views so far), and now she’s kicking in some hilarious pop-culture music videos, featuring her appearing as various characters.

Over the weekend, her new song “Flexible” – an ode to The Incredibles, with her appearing as Elasti-Girl – debuted to widespread approval and acclaim.  Here it is for you to enjoy.

For all you fans of the Rick and Morty show – you know, when you’re not bugging McDonald’s chains for Szechuan Sauce and shouting “Wubba Lub A Dub Dub” at the top of your longs – Whitney performs the song “I’m Fine,” where she portrays Beth, Morty’s mother (and Rick’s daughter) as a passive-aggressive put-upon person who’s sick of Rick’s inter-dimensional adventures.

And if you’re wondering how she handles Star Wars fandom … just check out her take on an iconic scene from Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, where she plays the Jedi mind trick on a Stormtrooper guard.  Yep, Whitney sings this one, too.

And you have to smile when Whitney sings about product warning labels and common courtesies, as she’s dolled up as a faux TV newscaster, in “You’re Not Fooling Anyone.”

As you can tell, Whitney does a great job with these comedy videos.

But she can also sing.  Trust me on this.

She belts out the song “Won’t Stay Down” with the force of a 1950’s torch song singer, and takes this song all the way to its logical (and hilarious) conclusion.

These are definitely great comedy songs, and they’ll get your day started off with a smile.

And if you want more news on Whitney Avalon’s upcoming music videos, acting appearances and other adventures, visit her site at http://www.whitneyavalon.com.