There are FIVE Albany Patroons in the TBT Tournament this year!

Just because the Albany Patroons’ 2018 NAPB basketball season has concluded, doesn’t mean that I’m not keeping tabs on the guys and what they’re doing in the offseason.

And it looks as if some of the Albany Patroons are involved in a different type of championship run.

And it involves the independent $2 million TBT Basketball Tournament.

The TBT is an independent, single-elimination basketball playoff tournament in which teams of independent professional hoopsters take to the courts for a chance to win big bucks.  In the past, these squads have played their way to a national championship game, which is televised on ESPN.

With that in mind, I should note that one of the teams this year, a squad called Atlanta Dirty South, will take on a crew of Kansas State alumni calling themselves Purple and Black.

Now why should I care about a team named Atlanta Dirty South?

Well, their roster includes two guys you may have heard of.  Legendary Albany Patroons scorer and slam dunker Jamario Moon … and his nephew, NAPB Rookie of the year Xavier Moon.

Yep, we’ve got two Patroons in the Tournament this year.

Make that three … as the Patroons’ MVP, Edwin Ubiles, is also in the TBT, playing for a team called Saints Alive, with a lineup that includes Kenny Hasbrouck, Ronald Moore and Ryan Rossiter. Saints Alive will play a squad called Team Fancy – some Philadelphia hoopsters – on July 14 at their TBT opener in Brooklyn.

Actually, let’s make this four … as Albany’s big center, DeAndre Thomas, is also in the TBT, suiting up for a team called “The Region” – players located between Chicago and Gary, Indiana – as they play on July 21st in their opening round against the Fort Wayne Champs in Columbus, Ohio.

Um… it’s now five, as Patroons backup forward EJ Gallup is part of a team operated by Capital District local hoops star Jimmer Fredette.  Team Fredette will also play in Columbus on July 21st, facing the winner of a game between the West Coast Ronin and the Peoria All-Stars.

So we have five Albany Patroons spread across four different teams in the TBT.

This is going to be fun.

In other words, I’m keeping an eye on the Patroons in the offseason.

Especially when they come back to Albany for next season. 😀

Gold and Kelly Green, brothers and sisters…