Be very quiet … I’m hunting lotus … ha ha ha ha ha

Many, many years ago, I was involved in a North Country photo adventure and took some pictures up at Carp Pond in Corinth.  During my photo endeavor, I captured the image of a lotus plant peeking through a clove of lily pads.

I wanted to get another shot like that.

Yesterday, I drove up to Carp Pond – it’s a small little waterway tucked into the Adirondack Mountains.  Parked my car, and looked around.  There were hundreds of little white dots on pond’s watery surface.  The lotus were in bloom.  Aces.

They were all WAY out of my camera range.  Two-seven off-suit.

I looked around.  Surely there would be at least one lotus near the shore.

And sure enough, I found one … but it was secluded, surrounded by a thicket of tall watergrass.


Well, maybe I can do something to move the grass over and …

A little push here, a little shove there … and the grass bent away.

Now comes the troublesome part.  I’m very close to the shoreline, and I’m not sure how sharp the shore shifts, my shoes are sticking in the swampy ground.  One step too far, and I could go into the water all the way up to my knees … or worse.

Take care, Miller.  Don’t step too far.  Know your balance.

Okay.  As long as you lean just ever so carefully forward … watch your balance …


Got it.

Now yeah, I could have searched other ponds and streams in the Adirondacks for lotus blooms…

But hey, I found one.  I got the picture.  That’s all I need.

Because, let’s face it … lotus are beautiful.  They’re peaceful, they’re tranquil …

And I understand you can pick them and eat them.

Although, I think for today I’ll just photograph them and eat their beauty with my eyes.  😀