“You mean you’re not from the DMV?”

Oh, you wacky telemarketers, robocallers and scam artists.  You don’t get the hint, do you?

I’ve gotten tired of playing around with these clowns who call my phone at all hours of the day and night, trying to swindle me out of my hard-earned money.

I’ve already programmed many of the repeat callers to automatically go to voice mail, without even so much as a ring on my phone.  Just a quick note that I missed a call from “VISA Telemarketer” or “Vacation Scam” caller on my pre-programmed Caller ID.

Yesterday, one spam caller got through.  They’re doing a trick now where the Caller ID replicates the first three numbers of my cell phone, then puts in four random numbers to make it appear as if the call is local.

Let’s play along.  Phone rings.



“Hello, can I speak to Chuck Miller?”

“This is he.”

“Hi, Mr. Chuck Miller, I’m calling from Motor Vehicle Services with regard to your 2006 Chevrolet Cobalt, do you still own the car?”

Wow, these guys never give up, do they?

“Yeah,” I lied.

“I’m calling from Motor Vehicle Services regarding your car, your factory warranty has expired and we’d like to offer you a new vehicle services contract – ”

“Oh, you’re calling from the DMV?”

“No, sir, I’m calling from Motor Vehicle Services.”

“What company did you say you were?”

“Motor Vehicle Services.”

“Right,” I replied, “You’re calling from the Department of Motor Vehicle Services.”

“Sir, you don’t understand.”

“Yes I do, you’re calling from the Department of Motor Vehicle Services ,just like you said.”

“No, sir, we’re Motor Vehicle Services.”

“Right, you’re calling from the DMV.  Well, my car is fully registered, and I don’t need a new custom plate at this time…”

“No, sir, we’re – oh, forget it.” {CLICK}

Aw, the DMV doesn’t want to offer me a vehicle service contract?  I’m so sad.  Look,I’m crying.  Waah.  Waah.  Hee hee hee hee…

I gave you a pass this time, termite.

THIS time.

Next time … I press the record button and you get clowned on the blog.

And I have NO PROBLEM clowning telemarketers and scam artists on this blog.  You call my phone, you invade my privacy, you accept whatever happens to you.



And when I get done playing with you …

You’ll WISH you were working at the DMV.