The Fort Orange Dairy and Feeds burlap project is DONE

Look at that sweet project.  Two months of stitching and trimming and re-stitching and counting and updating and the like.  Done.

My third – and final – burlap stitching project is complete.  This burlap project, featuring the Fort Orange Dairy and Feeds logo from an old feed store on Arch Street in downtown Albany, was a fun little diversion.  And I finished it in time for BUILT this year.

So where is the burlap project now?

I have it over at Arlene’s Art Supply on Fuller Road, they’re attaching it to a frame for easy hanging and display.  Once they’re done, I can have it exhibited at BUILT, or at any other show I choose.

So this year I completed three stitching projects – this one, my GLF Quality bag and my Eastern States Farmers Exchange project.

The GLF Quality Burlap Art Project. Yarn stitched into burlap gunny sack. Photo and artwork (c) Chuck Miller, all rights reserved.
Eastern States Farmers’ Exchange. Burlap sack with yarn threading. Photo and creation (c) 2018 Chuck Miller, all rights resreved.

And with that … I’m done stitching burlap sacks.

At least for now.

See, this is part of what I do.  I get fascinated with an art concept, and then I work on it – figure out how to take what I see in my mind and translate it to a physical concept.  And then, if it works out, I’ll enter it in competition or offer it at charity.

I started this about three years ago when I took an old cathedral radio cabinet and turned it into a church diorama.  Next came the Crate Art Project, where I took old wooden beverage crates and transmogrified them into tables and benches and other fun stuffs.

But now I have all these leftover art supplies.  Trust me.  Three burlap sacks and a lot of trips to Jo-Ann Fabric left me with skeins of leftover yarn and a couple of embroidery hoops.

No worries.

When I drop my photo entries off at the Altamont Fair, I’ll bring the leftover yarn and hoops over to the Arts and Crafts building – they actually have a donation section for leftover arts and crafts supplies and magazines, to encourage people to try new artwork and new projects.

This is cool.

And yes, I’m designating all three of these burlap projects to various competitions this year.  Look, I built them, it’s time to make them earn their keep.  And by “earn their keep,” I’m talking earning prize money and silk if they can.

So yeah … I’m done with my stitching projects.

However … that does NOT mean that I’m not done with other crafty-crafty projects.

I just have to figure out what kind of crafty-crafty projects I can create … and work from there.

And maybe I’ll come back to stitching burlap bags or rebuilding crates or whatnot…

but for now … I’m satisfied with what I’ve done … and it’s time to move on to the next project, whatever that may be.

I’m ready.

Let’s do this.