Dude … I got a Dremel!

I participate in Reddit’s gift exchanges – you know, the “Secret Santa” where you send a package to person A, while person B sends you a package.  The gifts are supposed to be thoughtful and reflective of a person’s needs, wants, concerns and desires – in other words, if you’re a Firefly fan, sending someone a DVD box set of all the Firefly episodes, plus another DVD of the post-Firefly movie Serenity – is a good gift.  Pricing guidelines are simple; keep the gift around $20 in cost, and that’s fine.

Well, in a current exchange, my Santa went above and beyond.

The exchange was an “Arbitrary Day” exchange, a sort of “Christmas in July” gift giving.  I knew my giftie loved coffee, so I sent my giftie a package from our local coffee company Death Wish Coffee – a bag of coffee and a Death Wish Coffee T-shirt.

Now, of course, I give a gift to someone, and someone else sends me a gift.  So when the Amazon box arrived over the weekend, I said to myself, “Oh, that’s my gift from my Arbitrary Day Santa,” and went on to do other things.

Later that evening, I opened the box.

That’s a Dremel rotary tool!  The Dremel 3000, one of the top rotary tools Dremel makes!  And it comes with a 25-bit tool set!!

Sweet tap-dancing Jesus and his father’s Carpenter Union, this is awesome!

Of course … you know I’m going to want to try this unit out on anything and everything.  I’ve already watched YouTube clips on Dremel safety and Dremel creativity – power-carving wood blocks with the carving bits; cutting through tile and glass with the diamond wheels; polishing trim with hte buffing and polishing wheels…

I’m telling you, this is definitely one powerful sonic screwdriver.  And I don’t even own a TARDIS.  Yet. 😀

So now I ask you, my beloved readers.  What are some of the tips and tricks you can pass along to me about Dremel use?  Projects, concepts, all of that?  Are there any specific attachments or gizmos you think I should get that would make this fantastic tool even more fantastic?

Talk to me in the comments below.  Would definitely love to hear your ideas.

Oh, and thanks very much, Arbitrary Day Santa!

Trust me … this gift is getting put to good use!