Amy Schumer is smarter than me!

At 2:00 yesterday, I had a lazy Sunday planned out.  I would test out my new Dremel tool on some wood, maybe make myself some dinner, conk out later and call it a day.

By 2:30, I was making plans to go see Amy Schumer perform in Schenectady.

You heard right.

Apparently Amy Schumer would be in town and wanted to test out some new material for her upcoming comedy shows, and the 75-seat MopCo improv studio in Schenectady was the best place to try the stuff out.  Mary Darcy, a member of MopCo and one half of the team that produces the All Over Albany website, sent out an e-mail blast on Facebook alerting people to the show.  $12 got you in, but there were only 75 seats and the tickets were selling fast.

Fast all right.  I looked up the EventBrite ticket call … shit, they were going fast.  They were down to 30 tickets available.

Quick … click … done.

A few minutes later, the event was sold out.

But I had a ticket.

And that evening, I waited outside to redeem my ticket and see one of the top comedians of our time.

This is totally awesome.

And I’m kinda surprised Amy Schumer is using a Schenectady improv studio for this little impromptu gig.  Her last experiences in the Capital Region weren’t very welcoming – during her stop at the downtown Albany arena, she had to deal with Times Union pest-ola Kristi Gustafson Barlette, who blogged about how she felt Amy Schumer was an unfunny and ugly comic.  That got a lot of attention, and even got Amy Schumer herself to comment on the post – which was Kristi’s goal all the time.

Amy also had to deal with our local young film critic Jackson Murphy, who got into a photo with Amy and then tweeted out some dumb statement about her.  Dang it Albany media, have you no class?

The thing is, Amy Schumer is a phenomenal comedian.  She has mined the same successful humor vein as some of the greatest confrontational and controversial comedians in humor history – names like George Carlin and Richard Pryor, Lenny Bruce and Ruth Wallis, Rusty Warren and Belle Barth.  She’s taken that acerbic, lead-you-into-one-thought-and-spit-out-another punchline… and it works.

We’re led into the performance studio, and after a few moments from a very funny warm-up comedian named Dre Cerbin, Amy Schumer took the stage.

No, really.  Amy Schumer.

Trust me, for a moment I thought we were instead going to get a re-boot of Candid Camera and Senator Chuck Schumer might come out instead.

But there she was.

And she was funny.  Due to restrictions on photography and recording equipment – heck, if I doodled a sketch of the event on a napkin, it probably would have been confiscated – I don’t have any pictures of Amy Schumer on stage.  But I can tell you that she was hilarious.

She was working off a notebook of various comedy ideas and concepts – she would refer to the little brown notebook to test out the material on the very appreciative audience.  This is understandable.  You want to test your jokes on a smaller crowd, so that they don’t crash and burn in an arena setting.

And as she talked about one story – how she thought she could walk two blocks to get to an event in San Francisco, only to discover that the second block was figuratively on the side of a mountain, I laughed and said, “Oh yeah, you must have found Lombard Street.”

I must have said it too loudly.  Especially being in the front row and all.

Amy Schumer looked straight at me, and said, “Oh look how cute you are, you know a street in San Francisco all by yourself.”

Audience laugh.

Oh crap.  Amy Schumer just clowned me in front of 74 other people in a theater.

Wait … Amy Schumer clowned me.



Amy continued her comedic stand-up, and left to a roar of applause and cheers.

Now see, this is fun.  This is one of those moments when you just throw your plans out the door and take a chance on a last -minute event.

Much thanks to Mary Darcy and the MopCo improv company for the news and hosting of Amy Schumer at their building.

And also much thanks to Amy Schumer for a great time and a hilarious event.