Well, they can’t say I didn’t warn them…

So … let me recap.

Last year, after the Times Union and I parted ways, they started soliciting me to get a subscription to their newspaper.  You know, the “two questions on a meaningless survey and you get thirteen free Sunday issues with a hidden caveat to have your name secretly signed up for a long-time subscription, whether you want it or not” plan.

I told them I wasn’t interested, and that I would not like to be called any more.

They called back.

I told them again I was not interested, and that I would not like to be called any more.

They called back.

I told them I was not interested, and to please stop calling me.

Well, they finally stopped.

Until now.

And in the blog post I wrote way back on that day, I made it clear to the Times Union hierarchy…

“Please have your telemarketing companies remove my name from your telemarketing calls.  Scrub my phone number off your lists.  You have my number already, so let your telemarketing company know that I am not interested in buying a subscription to your newspaper … Because if I continue to receive telemarketing calls from your company, I will chronicle these calls – including recording them – and repost them on this blog.  This is not an idle threat … I don’t need a subscription to the Times Union.  No thank you.  And continuing to call me over and over again isn’t going to change my mind.”

That’s not a threat, guys.  That’s a promise.

Because, yesterday … right in the middle of my day job … I got a call.

And yes, it was from the (518) 776-1010 telephone number designated as the Albany Times Union subscription solicitation line.  See?  Screen capture to my right.

Now did I not previously warn the Times Union to refrain from contacting me about signing up for a newspaper subscription?

And they did it anyway.


Here we go.

Is the recording function working on this BlackBerry KEYone?

Yes it is.  And since New York State is a “one-party” phone recording setup, in that only one of the parties has to be aware of a recording if one is taking place…

All right, telephone solicitor… it’s all on you.

So let’s see what we can glean from this.  The guy told me near the end of the sales pitch that he received my name from the Times Union itself, apparently as part of the newspaper’s solicitation database.  My name and address apparently popped up on his server with instructions to call me.

Well, well, well.

Not that I would want to have my nose pushed out of joint on this…

And I did say that any beefs I previously had with the Times Union were done and over with…

Apparently that truce was one-sided.  Because apparently the only thing the Times Union ever wanted out of me was money.  Whether it was money that was generated from the clickthroughs of my blog posts to their site … or money directly out of my pocket to read their newspaper…

And, of course, completely ignoring the Do Not Call Registry and completely ignoring requests to not call me any more.


I guess I finally see what the TU thinks of me after all these years.

And it ain’t pleasant.