Romance on Gondola #23

So last Sunday, while I was waiting to find out how my entries did at the New York State Fair, I decided I would take my Nikon Df and just shoot around the Fairgrounds.  That’s the thing, you need to find inspiration wherever you can get it.

And for the paltry sum of $8, I took a round trip ride on the State Fair’s “Sky Ride” – a hanging gondola chair lift that goes from one end of the Fairgrounds’ amusement park midway to the other.  Figured I’d get some atmospheric shots without having to invest in a drone.

When you’re on the gondola ride, you pass people who are riding in the opposite direction from you.  I was able to get a few people to wave at me as I took their pictures.

Hi there …

And as I passed the crazy mouse roller coaster, I snagged a few shots from high above.

Some people seemed very distracted with staring at their cell phones.  Geez, man, you’re on a fun ride above the ground, get your eyeballs out of your cell phone!

Another person was scarfing down a hot dog.  I think it had relish and onions on it.  Which probably means at some point his greasy fingers will drop it on an unsuspecting patron down below.

Oh look, I’m passing the crazy mouse ride again.

I would wave at people in their gondolas, asking them to smile or wave or anything.

One girl took “anything” to a new level.  She flashed me.  Boobs and all.  Right up there on the gondola.

No, you don’t get to see those pictures.  If you need to see boobs so badly, turn on HBO at 3 in the morning, I’m sure they’re running an old episode of Beverly Hills Bordello or something.

But honestly, this isn’t working.  I just can’t find anything really awe-inspiring here.  All I’m getting are glorified snapshots.  Trust me … if I want snapshots, I’d buy a disposable camera and take a few shots with that.

Okay … one more ride on the gondola.  Another $8 for tickets.

A couple sat on the gondola chair in front of me.  That’s fine, I had hoped to catch an aerial shot of one of the roller coasters at the top of its peak.  If they take the gondola ahead of me, I’ve got a shot of capturing the coaster as it goesover the first large peak.

No dice.  By the time I was in camera range, the coaster was already over the hill and was not in good position for camera action.  Nertz.

So I looked around.  Nothing major.  Damn, this ride is as boring as beige paint.

And then I glanced at the gondola ahead of me.

The young couple were looking at each other.  And it wasn’t just a glance, mind you.

Wait … is it possible?

Only one way to find out.

I aimed my camera at the gondola in front of me.

Come on… Make like Apollo and Soyuz and link up.

Just one kiss, man.  That’s all I want.  Make like Yoko Ono and kiss kiss kiss.

And just at the right possible second … when I thought it might never happen…

Boom.  Liplock.

Kissing in a gondola. Nikon Df camera, Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G lens. Photo (c) Chuck Miller, all rights reserved.

Okay.  Now I need to go to work.

First thing to do is get off this gondola.  If I keep riding this ting, someone’s going to toss me a sandwich when I pass the Scollay Square Station.

I loaded the picture into my computer.  Adjusted some highlights … brought out the details in the man’s face, darkened his shirt so it wouldn’t seem so bleached in the sunshine…

And since we already know they’re on the gondola, I just need to make sure I have enough of a perspective shot here.  The gondolas in front of this couple will certainly identify that they’re riding a gondola …

Time for your close-up.


Romance on Gondola #23. Nikon Df camera, Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G lens. Photo (c) Chuck Miller, all rights reserved.

Short pile.  Short pile 2019, right now.

Thus begats my new picture, Romance on Gondola #23.

Aww, don’t they look cute?

See, this is why you bring your camera everywhere.  That way, you get amazing shots like this.  You shoot from the hip, you press that shutter, and boom.  In an instant.

Now the question is … I could enter this anywhere in Competition Season 2019…

But does it have enough moxie to break through next year at the New York State Fair?

We shall certainly see.

Besides, I think I’d have a better chance with this picture than with the one where the girl flashed her boobs at me.  Just sayin’ is all…