Bachelor Cooking: a Country Breakfast in an Iron Skillet

I recently participated in a Reddit gift exchange.  You know my feelings on Reddit, I have a love-hate relationship with them.  But I do love the gift exchanges.

After sending out a cookbook to my giftie, my Santa (not the same person) sent me two cookbooks – a “weeknight cookbook for two” (great for Date Night) and an iron skillet cookbook.

Now I had recently acquired an iron skillet … so we’re in good shakes here.

So I went through the cookbook and found what appears to be a country breakfast meal, great for a Sunday morning.  The cookbook’s recipe is good for a family of four … I’m a family of one.  So I adjusted the portions.

Here’s the ingredients, follow along.

  • Two slabs of peppered bacon
  • 1/2 cup of sliced white mushrooms
  • One tomato
  • Onn English muffin, toasted and buttered
  • Two jumbo eggs
  • Kosher salt to taste (every recipe needs Kosher salt)

Heat up the iron skillet.  Place the two bacon slabs in the skillet and let them fry.

That’s right, we’re macin’ bacon…

After bacon is fried to taste, transfer to plate.

Using the bacon fat in the pan, drop in the mushrooms and fry them up until brown.

Use the good mushrooms. Get the pre-sliced ones from Price Chopper like a good bachelor should.

Once the mushrooms are golden brown, transfer the mushrooms to the plate with the bacon.

Add some butter to the pan.  Then fry up the sliced tomato pieces.  Once they’re carmelized a bit, add them to the plate with the mushrooms and bacon.

By this time, slice one English muffin and place it in your toaster.

Crack two eggs and place them in the skillet and fry them to your specifications.

Yes, I do like a dash of pepper on my eggs …

Transfer everything to plate.

And look what I made from the cookbook.  A nice country breakfast fit for one.  😀

Breakfast is ready! Come and get it!!

Doesn’t that look totally yum-o?

Yep, welcome to the world of bachelor cooking, where you can make anything taste good if you’re hungry enough and inventive enough.  And a cookbook helps as well. 😀