7 and 7 on Saturday, September 1 2018

So it’s time for a delineation.  A definition.  A restructuring, shall we say.

If you’re new to my blog, and you’re wondering, “Why is Chuck calling this a ‘7 and 7’ blog recap, and not just a straight blog recap like every other blogger does with their blog?”

A little history.

When I used to blog for the Times Union, the TU was notorious for not promoting my fellow the community blog posts.  So on Thursdays, I would do a blog recap that focused on the TU community bloggers.  Essentially, I did the TU’s work FOR them.

When I left the TU, I saw that they still would not give their community bloggers even one scintilla of promotion.  So I turned my Saturday recap into a “7 and 7” – 7 blogs from the TU’s community page, seven blogs from other sources.  And all was good for a time.

Then the TU independent bloggers kept leaving the portal – some because of personal reasons, some because the TU ham-fistedly blocked their content, some because it just wasn’t worth it any more to post on that portal.  So it was becoming harder and harder to find the first “7” for the TU part of the blogroll.  So I just merged the “7 and 7” into “14” posts.

Now I think I have a solution.

Starting this week, I’m separating out the “7 and 7” – making it 7 blog posts involving writing and observations and concepts, and 7 photography blog posts involving some great photographers and their work.

And I hope you enjoy this.  I really do.

And I do have the right to change my mind on this.  I’m a blogger, like Bobby Brown said, it’s my prerogative. 😀

So let’s start this week’s recap, shall we?

First, the blog posts.

  1. Silvia Lilly’s “DelSo” blog, “Albany XXX.
  2. Fran Rossi Szpylczyn’s “There Will Be Bread” blog, “Blowing in the Wind.
  3. Jack Urso’s “Aeolus 13 Umbra” blog, “Sealab 2020: The Complete Series.
  4. Rob Madeo’s “Keyboard Krumbs” blog, “Cable Guy.
  5. Roger Green’s “Ramblin’ with Roger” blog, “John McCain: blunt, hawkish, conciliatory, patriotic.
  6. Carl Johnson’s Albany history blog “Hoxsie!”, “Josiah Stanford: prosperous farmer, innkeeper, estate-builder.
  7. The Two Buttons Deep blog, “The Alt Shuts Down Just Weeks After Winning Best Local Newspaper … Sad!

And now let’s check out the photography blogs …

  1. Tim Jeffers’ photography blog, “Tropical Waterlily.
  2. Rob Moses’ photography blog, “Thunder Bird Motel.
  3. Joe Geronimo’s “Adirondack Joe” photo blog, “St. Pete’s Beach, Florida.”
  4. Jacquie Robinson’s photography blog, “Ultralight Packing Challenge.
  5. “Robert’s Eye” photo blog, “What to post on Instagram.
  6. The Field Notes from Over The Hill blog, “Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge.
  7. Oui-liette’s photography blog, “Maritime AF!

So I hope you like the revamped Saturday blogroll recap format.

Have a great Labor Day weekend, everybody!