Caption Time: Resurrection of an old photo

Here’s the deal.  I don’t want you to caption this original picture.

Shot with Kodak 400 film, Lomogrophy Sprocket Rocket camera. Photo (c)Chuck Miller, all rights reserved.

This photo was taken at a motel in Bangor, Maine in the winter of I think 2012.  This photo was shot with a Lomography Sprocket Rocket camera, a totally plastic construct whose raison d’etre was to provide sprocket hole photography for those who wished to dabble in same.  What it also provided was a plastic fixed camera lens and very little in the way of aesthetics.  It was a toy camera, plain and simple.

I shot with it a couple of times, and then gave the camera away.  It wasn’t for me.

Today, this picture popped up in my Facebook “Memories” feed.  And I thought about what this photo represented … what I wanted to achieve at the time … and I knew my vision was there, it was just hampered by my euqipment.

Well, I didn’t have PhotoShop back then.  And I didn’t have six years of experience with better photo gear.

So let’s see if I can tweak this picture a bit.

I fixed the overblown colors, dropped the brightness, boosted the contrast…

And I got rid of the sprocket holes.

I also removed some Newton rings from the image – Newton rings are caused when a film is improperly scanned, they look like concentric water ripples in the clear parts of the photo.

I worked with the photo and worked with it…

And although it’s never going to be a candidate for Competition Season, now or in the future…

I think it looks a lot better than it did six years ago.

So … can I get a caption for this photo, now that I’ve cleaned it up a trifle?

Photo taken with Kodak 400 film, Lomography Sprocket Rocket camera. (C) Chuck Miller, all rights reserved.

Yeah, I know, you can’t polish a turd and make it a gemstone.

And maybe one day I’ll go back to Bangor and re-shoot this with good gear.

But for now … can you give me a good caption for the finished photo?