7 and 7 on Saturday, September 8 2018

Sometimes the best part of a writing these Saturda morning blog recaps is when you see that some bloggers that you’ve known all these years have found new blog portals to share their stories.

Such is the case with two bloggers I knew from my days with the Times Union’s blog portal.

First off is Rob Hoffman, who has penned the “Hoffman Files” for the TU for several years.  He’s now crafting blog posts for the Albany Visitors Bureau’s homepage, so you definitely need to take a look.

Another TU blogger I’ve known for some time is Sara Rose Wheeler.  She wrote a blog called the “Roaring Twenties,” about her life as a twenty-something.   She’s getting married soon (sorry, guys, another good one got away) and today’s blogroll will feature a piece she wrote for a parenting blog (sorry Times Union, another good one got away).  Hope you enjoy these new entries to the blogroll.

And let’s check out the rest of the sidebar, shall we?  First the writing blogs –

  1. Sara Rose Wheeler in the “Parent Today” blog, “The new kid in town.
  2. Rob Hoffman in the “View From The Middle” blog, “Labor Day: The Ultimate Sunday.
  3. Rob Madeo’s “Keyboard Krumbs” blog, “Wolfe Island Wave.
  4. Aaron Bush’s “Aaron Knits” blog, “Remembering one fall retreat, and my growing excitement for another.
  5. Silvia Lilly’s “DelSo” blog, “Wishing You a Sunny New Year.
  6. Roger Green’s “Ramblin’ with Roger” blog, “Neil Simon, Marie Severin, Russ Heath, Kofi Annan.
  7. The Two Buttons Deep blog, “The 2BD Squad Demonstrates Dance Moves that Would Get You Kicked Out of Saratoga’s New Club Glory Daze.

And now let’s check out the photography blogs.

  1. Tina Campbell’s Fence Row Photography blog, “September Rain.
  2. Tim Jeffers’ photography blog, “The Red Chair.
  3. Joshi Daniel’s photo blog, “Inverted little planet self portraits.
  4. Joe Geronimo’s ‘Adirondack Joe” photo blog, “Adirondack Whirlwind Weekend.
  5. Robert Eaton’s “Eleven Images” gallery page, “Alternative Facts Gallery (ongoing portrait series).

Got room for a few extra blogs todasy, so here we go.  Let’s make it a 7+5+2 on Saturday, shall we?

  1. Court is Here’s blog, “Join me for a cup of coffee?
  2. Carl Johnson’s Albany history blog “Hoxsie!”, “Senator Charles Stanford.

Have a great day, everybody!