The Evolution of Frontier Town, 2018

Regular readers of this blog will know that I have an affinity for the legacy of the long-shuttered amusement park Frontier Town.  The Wild West-themed park, off Exit 29 on the Northway, was a waycool location for fun and adventure.

Faith and Frost. Nikon Df camera, Vivitar 19mm f/3.8 lens. Photo by Chuck Miller.

But in recent years, Frontier Town has gone from treasure to eyesore.  The long-shuttered park has seen its share of urban explorers and the like.  Heck, I was one of those urban explorers, capturing the stirring photo Faith and Frost in 2017.

Last year, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that the Frontier Town grounds would be converted into a campsite and hub for exploration of the Adirondacks.

And just recently, the first phase of the Frontier Town project reached completion.

Here’s a video from WCAX in Plattsburgh on the project’s achievements so far.


This press release from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation explains what’s currently going on at the North Hudson facility.

So what it seems to me has happened is … Frontier Town has changedf rom a playground of my youth to a playground for serious hikers and bikers and riders and snowmobilers.  That’s stunning in and of itself.

But I have one question.  And I don’t think anybody’s answered it as of yet.

Did they save any of the buildings?  Did they save the Chapel?  Did they save the Western Outfitters store?  Did they get restored and/or refurbished and/or repurposed?

I will say this … the two phases of Frontier Town that were part of my life are now gone.  The amusement park disappeared decades ago, and the urban exploration facility is no longer an option.

That being said … there now is a new reason to visit Frontier Town.

Let’s see how things progress.