The Debut of Girl Gone Smart

Normally I would save news like this for Saturday’s “7 and 7” blogroll recap.

Yeah… this is too good to keep silent until Saturday.

Heather Fazio is a good friend of mine.  She’s a great writer, an astute blogger, and she speaks her mind no matter what the consequences.

I can dig that.

The problem is, some people don’t appreciate an intelligent woman speaking her mind.

Case in point.

Heather and I used to blog for the Albany Times Union’s blog portal, a collective of independent bloggers who shared their thoughts and ideas and concerns and joys and sorrows and passions.  I left the portal in April 2017, but I still remained in contact and in good friendship with Heather and with the other independent bloggers from that venue.

A few months later, as the #metoo movement found its voice, Heather was one of several community and independent bloggers to voice her own personal, emotional, painful story on her own #metoo torment.  It was emotional, it was raw, it was a moment that said, in effect, that she would no longer remain silent and subservient about someone who attacked her life.

Her story was important.

And the Times Union responded by shutting down her blog and suspending her.

Yep.  She got treated like a witness at a Supreme Court confirmation hearing.  The TU claimed her story was pornographic and not appropriate for a family newspaper, and told her that if she changed some words in the blog post, she would be un-suspended.

Guess what.  Another good blogger, another asset to the TU portal, found that she really DIDN’T need the TU as much as the TU needed her.  Buh-bye.

Now, Heather has created her own blog portal, Girl Gone Smart, where she talks about books (she’s a voracious reader), travel (she does a lot of it) and her journey through life.  You can visit her site at this link, or go over to the blogroll on my blog and click directly to her blog page.

Here’s the deal.  For as long as I’ve typed words into a computer and had them appear in the stratosphere, I’ve always felt that bloggers should support bloggers.  Our words ar eimportant.  Our voices are important.  You can agree or disagree with them, but you should have the opportunity to at least know what they’re saying.

So take a walk over to Heather’s site, read what she’s posted already … and enjoy.