How to stand out if you’re a bass player in a band full of women

I’ve often joked that there were times in my life where I felt about as out-of-place as a second trombone in a string quartet.  But that being said …

This musical clip will make you smile.  Trust me.

I received this clip from a friend of mine, Paul Rapp (local music lovers might know him as F Lee Harvey Blotto of ghe awesome band of the same name).  And after much detective work on my part, I discovered that this is the only surviving movie clip of an orchestra named Reg Kehoe and His Marimba Queens.  The song, “A Study in Brown,” has the orchestra – Kehoe and seven women – all on various marimbas and xylophones and vibraphones, banging and smiling their way through a two-minute performance of their song.

I should note, though, that this video also contains an additional band member – the man playing the double bass.  And this guy’s going at it like he’s channeling his inner Stray Cats.

Don’t believe me?  Check this out.  Seven women in 1940’s-era cocktail dresses, and your eyes automatically gravitate towards Frank DeNunzio, Sr., the bass player.

All I can say is … rock on, Frank DeNunzio, Sr.  When you need to stand out in a crowd …

So if the dreary days are downright depressing and dull and damp …

Just get yourself a slap bass and rock out like you’er in your oown magical world.

Just like in real life. 😀