Random thoughts while working on a new project

So, as the blog headline denotes, I’m currently involved with a new artistic project.  It’s a project that I’ve hinted at on my Facebook page, showing snippets and “in progress” photos.  But I know that such a project will take months to complete.  And I have to find ways to keep my energy up while working on this project.

Thus … I post today a series of random thoughts that I’ve contemplated while working on this project.  It’s almost analogous to the musics of Steven Wright or Jack Handey, just some cosmic musings that keep my mental equilibrium in check while my project slowly snails to completion.

Things like …

  • Yesterday, while working on my project, I had BBC America on the television; they were running a Star Trek: The Next Generation marathon.  If it’s BBC America, wouldn’t it have made sense to show a Doctor Who marathon?  Or a Blake’s 7 marathon?  Or even a run of Sapphire and Steel or Red Dwarf?
  • When the sportscaster refers to the NFL football team as “The New York Football Giants,” why doesn’t a baseball announcer call the same nicknamed team the “San Francisco Baseball Giants”?  I mean, how would anyone in this day and age not understand that there is not another New York professional sports team known as the Giants, that would confuse anyone with deceptive marketing?
  • Speaking of which, the Boston Red Sox and the Los Angeles Dodgers are meeting each other in the World Series this year.  Nice to see a rematch of the Dodgers and the Sox from 1916.
  • After a few weeks of using Allstate’s DriveWise device monitoring software in my car, I received word that my next estimated insurance bill will drop 3% – so far.  Allstate sees the way I’m driving … that3% should increase and my insurance bill should decrease.
  • Why do restaurants advertise their specials as “World Famous” and “Award Winning” when I never heard of that special before I entered the eatery?  And I see no awards on the wall denoting that the food is an award winner?  Unless the certificate that says the restaurant has an excellent cleanliness record from the Albany County Board of Health is considered “award winning”?
  • When I hear The Fixx’s “One Thing Leads To Another” in an insurance commercial, I know that I’m freakin’ old.
  • One of the new TV shows I’m digging is called The Cool Kids, a comedy about four retirees in a nursing home.   It took a couple of episodes before I realized that one of the seniors in the show was Martin Mull.  Dude never ceases to amaze me.
  • Every time I hear Chris Matthews on MSNBC’s Hardball, I want to send him a box of throat lozenges – it seems he can’t get through an hour without coughing.  I hope it’s not contagious.
  • In the eight years I’ve lived in Green Island, there’s a building that once housed a pizza restaurant (Island Pizza), which later became a delicatessen (Kate’s), and is now re-opening as a pizza and pasta place (Whitey’s).  Can’t wait to try them out.
  • Speaking of which, did you know that Green Island has a Halloween parade?  Yep, a Halloween parade.
  • I finally took my Hudson’s Bay Company point blanket out of storage, to keep me warm in this cold winter.  I’m so glad I bought that blanket last year.  Now I wish I could find a matching flannel sheet set and pillowcases for it without having to travail all the way to Canada.
  • There’s a cool show on the Destination America channel called Railroad Alaska, which sh9ws the operations of a passenger / freight train and the lives of “off-gridders” who rely on it.  Every so often I think about building a model train set.  Then I just go to the Empire State Plaza’s Train Show and that satisfies my diesel-lust for an entire year.  😀
  • Speaking of which, the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train is coming through the Capital District again.  And I have a spot that I think will be absolutely fantastic to capture it in a photo.  Stay tuned for more details.
  • After I successfully entered one of my pictures, Infrared Horizon 787, in an upcoming gallery show at the Albany Institute of History and Art, I received a Facebook ad about another upcoming call for art at another gallery.  Okay… I’m hooked.  Let’s try this again.
  • Every time I work on an art or construction project, I am reminded of some knowledge my old college computing professor, Stuart Hirshfield, impacted upon me.  He recommended I purchase and read a copy of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.  That book teaches, believe it or not, analytical and critical thought.  And in that book, you can find algorithms in almost anything in life – from kitchen recipes to vehicle oil changes.
  • The official start of fall isn’t when the leaves change colors.  It’s when the Eggy’s Place breakfast food truck closes for the season.
  • If  you’re upset about not winning the recent lottery, just be thankful that someone you detest didn’t win it either.
  • I cannot WAIT for the Albany Patroons’ basketball season to start.  You want to see me smiling like a Cheshire Cat?  Catch me at a Patroons game.
  • How much more would a car cost at Destination Kia if they did include those puppies and kids?  Honestly?  Most annoying local TV commercial by someone not named Billy Fuccillo.
  • The only blogs worth reading at the Times Union blog portal any more are the ones from David Kalish, Rob Hoff man, Fran Rossi Szpylczyn, Liz Lemery Joy and Don Rittner.
  • My son Kris is now 32.  My son is older than The Simpsons, Law and Order, the Washington Nationals, and Pearl Jam.

There I am … contemplating and meandering, while my project is getting closer and closer to completion.

You will be so amazed when it’s finished.  Trust me on this.

And I’ll be amazed as well.

A lot of thought went into this project.

And a lot of thought helped keep this project going.