Winter weather brings stupid, unsafe drivers

My morning routine involves waking up (yawn), writing this blog, taking a shower, getting dressed, making breakfast, and then driving from the Town and Village to Downtown Albany.  That’s a short ten to fifteen minute drive, depending on traffic, along Interstate 787.

Yesterday, we had the first significant snowfall in the area, and my 15-minute commute downtown took maybe 35 minutes at best.

And right in front of me … for several of those minutes…

Was this clown.

Image may contain: car, sky, tree and outdoor

Now I can’t tell who’s driving this POS Volvo, other than it’s someone who loves dogs (see the dog stickers on the trunk lid).

What I DO know is that Mr. Volvo didn’t bother cleaning off his windshields.  At least not his rear one.

And this is how we know winter has arrived in the Capital Region.

Dumbasses like this go out to their car, maybe clear off a handful-sized porthole in their front window, and then drive through the Interstate, hoping to garner enough speed so that the laws of aerodynamics will clean off their car for them.

This is a simple rule.  In the morning, you allow yourself plenty of time to clean off your car.  And not just the front windshield.  You clean off the roof, the hood, the trunk, and all windows – front, back, sides and mirrors.  Then, and only then, you can drive to wherever you need to go.

Because I’ve seen this before.  I’ve seen meatnuts like this drive along, and then all of a sudden this big clump of snow just flies right off the top of their car, landing smack dab on the windshield of the car behind them.

Or, even better, they drive with the assumption that the ambient heat from the car’s heating units will simply MELT the snow off the window glass.  Yeah, that’s a smart thing.  Dummydope.  It takes at least five minutes for the rear window defroster to get to a suitable temperature to even loosen the snow, you still have to brush it off or scrape it off your car.

I can tell you this.  Mr. Volvo is DAMN lucky I took a few moments to obscure his license plate when I posted this photo.  I could have left it, clear as dasy – the snow didn’t obscure it that much – and posted a “Spread his Shame!” comment all over social media.

I dunno… maybe I’m being too nice in my old age.  But I can certainly tell you, for sure and for certain, that we are going to have a rough winter this year.  And if bonkbrains like Mr. Volvo don’t have the common sense God gave a gopher to clean off their car before they get in it and start the motor…

Then I hope the next picture I take of this chisel-head is when he’s getting pulled over by Johnny Badge for operating a motor vehicle on the interstate while driving vision obscured.

I’m sure Mr. Volvo will see that one clearly.