K-Chuck Radio: Warm Music for a Snowstorm

Yep, we’ve got another snowstorm on the way.  Batten down the hatches, clean out the Stewarts’ shops, and get ready for that white powdery stuff to blanket the neighborhood.  For sure.

And if you’re really worried about those cold days…

How about some warm, summery, bouncy tunes to keep you toasty?

Look, I couldn’t fit these tracks in any other blog post, but together they’re perfect for getting through this morning’s “dusting.”  Yeah, dusting.  Ha ha.

Let’s start with this classic from…

A Roller Skating Jam Named Saturdays

This is what I need.  A trippy roller jamming summer song thatmixes snippets of Chicago’s “Saturday in the Park” into the blend.  Damn, I miss De La Soul.

|Knock Knock

A chant-along rap song, it’s got plenty of hooks, I get it … but come on, how cool is it to dig up Linda Scott’s “I’ve Told Every Little Star” from 1961 and sample it as part of the rap mix?

Rock Hard!

Who needs a snowstorm when you’ve got the King Ad Rock, Mike D and MCA rapping with the super-power of AC/DC?  Ultra-rare track that ran into litigation shortly after its release (yeah, probably not a good idea to sample AC/DC when AC/DC has lawyers), but I need to blast this while driving on 787 today.

Symphony in X Major

Again … if you can take Wendy Carlos’ “Switched-on Bach” Brandenburg Concerto and solder it into a rap song, more power to you for appreciating good material.  Not only does it make me want to bust through a wall, it also inspires me to take out the airbags in my car’s steering wheel and replace them with TV monitors so I can play PS4 while I drive.  Yeah, it’s an old Pimp My Ride joke, but I’m old, so it’s okay.

Apache (Grandmaster Flash remix)

There is none better than the Grandmaster himself, as he takes two copies of the Incredible Bongo Band’s hit “Apache” and, with only his hands and two turntables, pumps the song into a super-jam most worthy of warm temperatures on a cold day.


In 1968, Dusty Springfield invited the Jimi Hendrix Experience to appear on her television variety special.  Fragments of that video still exist, as well as the original audio.  Trust me on this, this duet is a total inferno.  You won’t worry about frostbite with this track, trust me.

Hangin’ Five

Sure, surf music is perfect for this weather, ain’t it?  Boy, you’re going to confuse everybody on the road if you’re blasting this through your car speakers.  Just flash that smile at them and shout, “I’m going surfing, brah, you wanna join me?”

Cool Kids

Is it just me or if, after hearing this jangle-pop hit from a few yearsa go, you keep singing to yourself, “I wish that I could eat lots of coo-kies…”  Doesn’t matter, so long as you get your jangle-pop fix while you drive by the clown who’s been pulled over by the highway patrol for not clearing all the snow off his car and causing a driving hazard.  Yeah, you know who I’m talking about, Mr. Volvo…

GOD (Guitar Over Drive)

And finally, let’s close with this 17-minute opus of the power of the electric guitar.  Hey, did you hear that the sonic vibrations from an electric guitar can help melt snow on sidewalks and steps?  Trust me on this!

Okay.  Now are you ready to take on the world and deal with this snowstorm?

Mee to.  Let’s do this.

Besides, who needs shovels and brooms and rock salt …

When you’ve got K-Chuck Radio instead?