Equinox Thanksgiving Turkey Day Deliveries, 2018 Edition

Thursday morning.  Up and at ’em, it’s delivery day.

For on this blessed occasion, we get up – load our cars with dinners – and take them to families throughout the Capital District so that they too might enjoy the holiday season.

The Equinox Thanksgiving Day tradition.  It’s something I enjoy doing every year.  And will continue to enjoy doing for as long as I am able.

My 2013 Chevrolet Cruze “Dracourage” is packed with a full tank of unleaded, and I’m packed with a full tank of hot chocolate.  Off to the pickup location – 102 Hackett Boulevard, Equinox’ offices.

See, as a long-distance “target” driver, we automatically know we’re going to the Helderbergs, to the Adirondacks, to the hill towns, to the faraway locations.  So Equinox has selected dependable volunteers to get their their destinations at a separate location from the Empire State Plaza.  As much as I enjoyed waiting in line and hanging out with the “Core 5” of people who always arrived early for the event… this is just as fun.

I receive my destination tickets – four families, thirteen meals in the Catskills.  Okay.  Let’s do this.  Equinox volunteers load Dracourage with thirteen pre-cooked and quick-frozen turkey dinners with mashed potatoes and vegetables, thirteen boxes of stuffings and bread, and thirteen frozen cuplets of gravy.

GPS programmed.  And off we go.

First stop – Earlton.  And the first batch fo dinners to a family who – just before I arrived – received a call from one of their own, a soldier stationed in Iraq.  Much thanks for those who serve our country.

GPS says my next stop – Cairo – will be only four miles.  GPS doesn’t tell me I’m driving through four miles of winding mountain road that takes about 25 minutes to complete.  Very sneaky, GPS…

Still, I arrive in Cairo and drop off the meals.  Hearty Thanksgiving greeting, have a great one.

IJt’s at this point that I need to tell the story of my Christmas radio station.  As my Thanksgiving holiday tradition dictates, I must have seasonal music on the radio while I’m delivering these delicious dinners.  And apparently I’m getting the same songs every thirty minutes – but by different singers.  Example.  I’d hear “Last Christmas” by George Michael and Wham!, then thirty minutes later I’m hearing it by Ariana Grande, and then thirty minutes later I’m hearing it from Kacey Musgraves.  And don’t get me started on how many different singers took a swing at the saucy song “Santa Baby” – okay, yeah, it was Madonna, it was Taylor Swift, it was some other singers – no Eartha Kitt, though.  Surprised at that ….

Next stop – South Cairo.  This destination is in a mobile home park.

Now I know mobile home parks.  Heck, I lived in mobile home parks as a kid – first the Alhambra Park (now known as Brookview Mobile Home Park in Greenfield Center) and then later at the Howe Mobile Home Trailer Park in Corinth (which is long gone today).  Mobile home parks are often laid out with careful streets and well-labeled routes…

Apparently nobody used those same rules when designing this mobile home park in South Cairo.  The pathways in this mobile home park had more twists and turns than a John LeCarre novel.

Thankfully, all my destinations cards had phone numbers on them – I was able to contact my addressee, found out that I had actually driven past his trailer twice (oopsie), and more Thanksgiving dinners are cheerfully delivered and happily received.

Last stop – Medusa.  Wow, they put these Greene County towns and villages really close to each other, don’t they? 😀

Now mind you, it’s 15 degrees above zero this morning, and I’m technically in elevated country …. which meant I had to deal with snow drifts.  And let me tell you, if you’re not careful, you can slide on a snow drift and land in a ditch.  Luckily, Dracourage handles bad weather with true General Motors aplomb.  Safe car, safe driver.

Found the final home, made the delivery.  Then followed the signs for Route 85 – which took me through Clarksville, New Scotland, Voorheesville, and more familiar territory like Delmar and Slingerlands and I-787 and home.

Equinox Thanksgiving Day 2018 complete.  Dinners delivered, and now let the Christmas holidays commence.

This feels good.  Really, really good.

Have a great weekend, everybody!