Albany Patroons announce 2018-2019 home schedule

Okay.  All is right with the world again.  The stars are properly aligned. Harmony and peace exists.

Why do I say all these life-affrming things?

Maybe it’s because I just got my mitts on the Albany Patroons’ home schedule for the upcoming 2018-19 TBL basketball season.

Yep.  The Patroons are back.

There’s a few changes in the league, though.  What was once the NAPB (North American Basketball League) is now the TBL (The Basketball League).  Several new teams have joined the circuit, a couple have renamed themselves, and some have left the league.

The good thing for the Patroons this season, is that we now have TWO different New York-based opponents in the TBL – which means closer rivalries and maybe even a road trip or three for me.

Let’s start with the new New York-based teams.  In the 32-game basketball season, there’s nine games in which Albany faces a “New York Court Kings” from Queens, while the Jamestown Jackals, who played in the Premier Basketball League a couple of seasons ago, will join the TBL this year and play us ten times.  The Rochester Razorsharks, who Albany regularly beat up and down the court last year, are suspending operations for the 2018-19 season.

There are some other teams along the East Coast for Albany to feast on – the Raleigh (N.C.) Firebirds and the Tampa Titans will visit the Armory, as will returning Midwest teams the Kansas City Tornadoes and the Owensboro (formerly Kentucky) Thoroughbreds.  No sign of either the Ohio Cardinals or Ohio Bootleggers, both of whom gave the Pats fits last year, but thankfully have disappeared into the ether.

We will get some visits from West Coast teams in the 2018-19 season, including the expansion franchise San Diego Waves, the rebranded Mesquite (formerly Nevada) Desert Dogs, and the team that gives me more headaches as a Patroons fan – the damn Yakima Sun Kings.

The Patroons will start their season on the road on Friday, January 11 against Jamestown, then will return for the team’s home opener on January 12 at 7pm in the Armory against the New York Court Kings.  Season tickets and individual game plans are available though, do not waste time getting the best seats in the house.

Here’s the Patroons’ league and home schedule, with home dates in bold.  See you at the game!

  • January 11, 7p at Jamestown Jackals
  • January 12, 7p v. New York Court Kings
  • January 18, 7p v. San Diego Waves

    January 20, 2p at New York Court Kings


    January 28, 7p at Owensboro Thoroughbreds


    January 30, 7p at Tampa Titans


    February 1, 7p v. Jamestown Jackals

  • February 2, 5p v. Jamestown Jackals
  • February 8, 7p v. Mesquite Desert Dogs
  • February 14,7p at New York Court Kings

    February 16, 2p v. New York Court Kings

  • February 17, 2p at Jamestown Jackals

    February 23, 4p v. Jamestown Jackals

  • March 3, 2p at Jamestown Jackals
  • March 9, 2p at Mesquite Desert Dogs
  • March 10, 4p at San Diego Waves

    March 12, 9p at Yakima Sun Kings

  • March 15, 7p v. New York Court Kings
  • March 18, 7p v. New York Court Kings
  • March 22, 7p v. Yakima Sun Kings
  • March 23, 7p at Jamestown Jackals

    March 27, 7p at Raleigh Firebirds

  • March 29, 7p v. San Diego Waves
  • March 30, 3p v. Kansas City Tornadoes
  • April 2, 7p at Jamestown Jackals

    April 6, 4p v. Jamestown Jackals

  • April 7, 3p v. New York Court Kings

    April 12, 7p v. Mesquite Desert Dogs

  • April 13, 7p at New York Court Kings
  • April 15, 7p at New York Court Kings

    April 22, 7p v. Jamestown Jackals

What are you waiting for?  Get your tickets now!  Seriously!