The BlackBerry Key3 false alarm and the RED HYDROGEN One pipe dream

If you know anything about me, you know that my cell phone of choice is a BlackBerry.  It’s been BlackBerry for most of my life, going all the way back to the old side scroll wheel and the monochrome LCD screen.  That’s how I roll.  And I kept going with BlackBerry ever since – all the way through the Bold and the Curve and the Q10 and the Priv and my current phone, a BlackBerry KEYone.

I skipped last year’s rollout of the BlackBerry KEY2, mostly because I was happy enough with my KEYone and didn’t feel the need to upgrade so soon.

That being said … apparently BlackBerry has a KEY3 phone available.

Or does it?

I say this because, while writing today’s blog post, this showed up in my alerts.

Wait … there’s a BlackBerry KEY3 on the horizon?  For reals?  For truthies?

Um… well …

If there is a BlackBerry KEY3 coming down the pike, it may or may not look like this.

Because this creation is actually a mockup that a BlackBerry fan did to create what he felt would be a great upgrade for the current phone.  A larger screen, more memory, upgraded software – heck, that’s the selling point of EVERY cell phone, not just the Berry.

Dang it.  And I was certainly thinking about a phone upgrade.

Nasty trick, son.

So I looked over at the Verizon Wireless site – my carrier of “wasn’t my choice” – and saw what looks like the equivalent of a super-powered cell phone.

The RED HYDROGEN One cell phone.

So this camera is supposed to shoot video in three dimensions, which is a major game changer in the cell phone world.

But then I saw the price.  $53/month in a two-year contract, or – if I want to keep my grandfathered unlimited data plan – $1,295 at retail.

If I’m paying $1,300 for a cell phone, it better be the greatest cell phone ever manufactured in my lifetime.

And …

Review one.

Review 2.

Review 3.

And those were for the black aluminum models … I fear that the titanium model might involve the sale of an arm, a leg, and half a kidney.  And it still doesn’t seem to have anything that would justify the price or the anticipation.

So thanks, but no thanks.  I’ll stick with my BlackBerry KEYone and remain a loyal Berry fan.

At least until BlackBerry makes a Passport 2.  Or maybe even a PRIV 2.  Man, I loved that slideout screen and hidden keyboard feature … that was so swank…