One more episode of NBC’s Timeless … tonight

The show wasn’t supposed to survive its first season.  It was one of four different “time travel” shows to premier for the 2016-17 prime time TV season.  Two other dramas, Time After Time and Frequency, were based on successful theatrical releases; neither of those shows lasted past a few weeks.  Another time travel show, a comedy called Making History, was a stiff and was maybe seen by tens of viewers.

But Timeless – an action-adventure show about three time-travelers who try to stop an Illuminati-like organization from rewriting history to their benefit – caught viewers’ attention.  And although it didn’t exactly win its timeslot, the shows were decently written and were worth watching.

But after its first season, Timeless was cancelled.  Sixteen episodes, thank you very much.

A few days later … the show was un-cancelled, thanks to a massive letter writing and social media campaign.  Timeless would get a second season, a 10-episode summer run.  It would get moved from its cushy 8:00 pm Monday time slot to a 10:00 pm Sunday location.

And the show did decently well – it didn’t win its timeslot, but it had plenty of DVR and “On Demand” viewings.

But when the 2018-19 television schedule was announced, NBC left Timeless off the lineup.  Effectively … the show was cancelled.  Twenty-six episodes over two seasons, thank you very much.

But the fans rallied again – the “Clockblockers” (fans of Timeless) went back to the social media platforms with hashtags like #savetimeless and the like.  The producers of the show promised that if they received certain levels of retweets, they would release deleted scenes online for the fans’ enjoyment.  You know … some treats to let NBC know that the show was worth saving.

But here’s the ting.  Letter writing campaigns sometimes do save TV shows – Star Trek got a third and final season based on a letter writing campaign, and the cop drama Cagney and Lacey survived a first-season cancellation thanks to letters from viewers.

But letter-writing campaigns don’t always work.  Sixteen years have passed and people are still writing Fox to bring back Firefly.  It’s been thirty years and I still can’t get a new season of Max Headroom.  Hell, I can’t even get a second season of Emerald City – or as some people called it, the “Game of Thrones” / “Wizard of Oz” mashup nobody asked for. 😀

But somehow … the Clockblockers received one more Christmas present.

Timeless is back … for a two-hour series finale that airs tonight.

No, I’m not kidding you.

That’s right, Lucy and Wyatt are getting two hours to resolve the final plotlines of the series.  Will they be able to save Rufus, who was killed in the Old West?  Will the evil Rittenhouse organization finally meet their match?  Will Lucy’s sister – who was wiped away in one timeline – return?

Well, the promo did say that all our questions will be answered.

That’s tonight, people.  8:00 p.m., 7:00 pm central time on NBC.

Get your DVR set, Clockblockers.  We get a final chapter.  And not too many episodic TV dramas receive what Timeless achieved.

Essentially, episodes 27 and 28 of the series finale.

At least we get a proper ending this time.