A new step for me with the Albany Patroons

Last year, the Albany Patroons returned to operation from a decade-long slumber.  They joined the newly-formed North American Premier Basketball League, an eight-team circuit that spanned from coast to coast.

As you know, I am a huge supporter of the Patroons, and hve been for many years.  So I bought a ticket … put on one of my game-worn Patroons jerseys … and went to the Armory for opening night.

And it was fun.  It was like the team had never left.  It put a smile on my face that you couldn’t sandblast off.

Eventually, the team asked if I could step into the role of arena announcer, which I did.  And I had a blast.  Total blast.

I anticipated returning to the announcing role when the Patroons commenced their 2018-2019 campaign in the brand new TBL (The Basketball League).  Ready to go, ready to do this.

Then I received a call from the Patroons management.  They asked if I would be interested in moving up the ladder.

Well, I’m a bit past my prime as a small forward…

No.  Because of my deep knowledge of Patroons history, they asked if I would be interested in joining the broadcast team.

In other words, they need a Fran Friscilla and I’m one telestrator away from that point.


When the Patroons return this January, I’ll join John Longton (he of the Two Buttons Deep website) as the two-man broadcast team for the Patroons’ online home broadcasts.

This will be great.  I’m so looking forward to it.  A new chapter in my life, a new opportunity, a new moment to scrape something off my life list.

This will be amazing.

Yeah, I’m even excited now, and the season opener’s just a few weeks away. 😀

So yeah … this will totally work.

Look, I’ve done everything else with the Patroons short of suiting up in a game… why not this?

Besides, if I can get away with doing this in a game…

Then I’m ready for any other challenge put in my path.

Come on, start the season already! 😀