Call for Entries: The 41st Annual Capital District Photo Regionals

There are competitions … and there are competitions.

And one of the big competitions for me has been the Capital District Photo Regionals, the chance for photographers around the area to showcase their best works and to see how they’re judged against their fellow photographers.

First things first.  If you live within a 125-mile radius of the Capital District, I would urge you to consider submitting your photos to this competition.  Here’s the link.  This year, the Photo Regionals are hosted by Collar Works in Troy as part of the competition’s rotating gallery space display (it alternates between that studio, the Albany Center Gallery, and the Opalka Studio in Albany).

Getting into the Photo Regionals was, for me, validation that I had improved my skills and my craft where I could showcase my works with the best in the area.  That I wasn’t, as some detractor once called me, “a guy who spent too much money on a camera and not enough time knowing how to use it.”

Feh.  Go kick rocks.  And let me take your picture while you kick those rocks.

It did take some time, but in 2014 my photo of an Icelandic sheep, The Jumbuck, was accepted into the Photo Regionals.  Two years later, my lenticular season-changing creation Vivaldi’s Pond made the walls of the Fulton Street Gallery; and two years ago, my neon exposure Step and Pivot appeared on the walls of Albany Center Gallery.  Three of my best photos, accepted into the levels of the best in the area.  Swank.

This year, I have the opportunity to enter up to five images for consideration.  And after looking through my archives … I found five recent images that I felt deserved consideration.

You probably know at least three of them, and you may have forgotten one or two.  That’s okay.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This is how I approached the idea.  I took my best pictures from 2018, I added one or two from 2019, and one from 2017 that I thought didn’t get as much love as it deserved.  I wanted images that stood out, made people go OOH DAMN, and went from there.

That, plus my entry fee, and I’m entered into consideration.

Wow.  2019 isn’t even three weeks old, and I’m already rounding up my work for show.

And the crazy thing is … two of these images will already have 2019 shows next week.

Let me explain.

Halfmoon Rainbow and American Dreamtime: Solarcan 368 are part of the Photo Center of Troy’s “Best of 2018” gallery show, which takes place next week.  And the Halfmoon Rainbow print there?  That’s going to be the metallic print from ArtBeat Studios, making its gallery debut.

That’s right.  Bring ’em out and make it happen.

And yeah, that one photo at Niagara Falls was renamed Instamatic Honeymoon, as I thought the title the image previously had wasn’t as beenficial.  This is the photo that I thought didn’t get as much love as it should have.  But then again, that’s me.

Okay … time to see how these images do.

Fingers crossed.

Which will mean it will be hard to type my blog posts with crossed fingers. 😀